The Top 5 Beauty Trends From Milan Fashion Week Fall 2010

From red lips to brown shadow.
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From red lips to brown shadow.

Oh, those Italians. You can always count on them to bring the sex appeal. (And the yummy pasta.) It's the same every year: just when beauty editors everywhere are despairing for the lack of ANY DISCERNIBLE NEW TRENDS—based mostly on the uniform "prettiness" that comes out of New York—Milan's designers send their models rockin' down the runways with big hair, bright lips and even a touch of crazy colour on the eyelids. (And if you like this stuff, just wait until we get to Paris, yo.) Yes, I know you'll probably only execute maybe a fraction of these trends in real life, but it's the stuff magazines are made of! And blogs. Read on for the key trends:

Trend #1: Red Lips... with a Slick of Gloss


God, I adore this ode to the Robert Palmer girls at DSquared². (More street-wearable versions showed up at Dolce & Gabbana and Gianfranco Ferré.) Notice that it's not a matte red, but not super-glossy either. Aim for in between, and also invest in a lip brush—you'll need it to get that precise application.

Trend #2: Hot Girl Hair

This hair (seen at Pucci, Versace and Gucci) is the hair of my dreams. (I'd like to think I got somewhere close to this with the help of a few Herbal Essences products and the hands of their AMAZING celebrity stylist, Charles Baker Strahan, the other day—an experience which I'll post about soon. Promise.)

Trend #3: Brown Shadow

Ignore the hair clips above (backstage at Cavalli) and instead, zero in on that heavy application of brown shadow. Kind of fresh, no? And you know I've been going on about brown shadow's comeback for a while now. (It also showed up at Marni and in New York at Thakoon, Anna Sui and Oscar de la Renta. And, of course, Chanel way back in the fall.) The way I do it? With a lighter brown colour that has a hint of sparkle (I use a shadow from Guerlain mentioned here) and I apply it along the upper AND lower lashes. Then I kind of extend it up to the crease with my trusty Dior cream shadow.

Trend #4: Hair Piled High on the Head

This hair, at Fendi, looks amazing, and like the model just carelessly twisted it up in, like, 30 seconds. I'm sure it takes AT LEAST half an hour—and is not for mere mortals like you and I to attempt. But if I find a how-to, I'll post it. Hair also reached new heights at Prada (held back with wide scarves) and Marni. (Although I'm not a fan of the wet-look roots at Marni... absolutely disastrous for real life.)

Trend #5: Crazy Brights and Gothic Lips

Giorgio Armani's models had a real Alien Girl aesthetic, with slashes of bright pink and purple angled across the eyelids. Also seen: the return of the circa-2008 black lip at Missoni.

What do you think of the trends out of Milan? Which one is your favourite? Are you eating pasta tonight?