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Editor's Pick: Clean Outdoor Shower Fresh Eau de Parfum

Soap meets grass.
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ZOMG! The fragrance gods have answered my prayers.

They've taken two of my all-time favourite fragrance notes—soap and grass—and combined them in one must-have scent.

It's called Clean Outdoor Shower Fresh Eau de Parfum and I am in love.

You may know Clean already—it was founded in 2003 by a Canadian woman named Randi Shinder, who also created Fusion Beauty. (She's obviously a marketing genius.) I love the idea behind Clean—according to this Q&A with Randi, it's "for the woman who doesn't respond to typical fragrance ads... Clean is for people that just want to smell good." Each scent starts with a bar of soap and then different notes are added from there to create a fragrance.

The notes in this one, if you're wondering, include aquatic accord, bergamot, violet, muguet, water lily, tropical rain accord, musk and sandalwood. They dry down to this very soft, floral, almost skin scent.

What makes me love Clean even more: the scents are made without parabens, synthetic alcohol or preservatives.

Available now at Sephora stores across Canada.