Fergie is Launching Her First Fragrance With Avon

It's called "Outspoken".
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It's called "Outspoken".

Would you buy a scent endorsed by Fergie?

Her very first fragrance deal (now a given for any female celeb) is with Avon and it's called Outspoken by Fergie. Avon reps will begin selling it in September.

Fergie, who is also on the cover of ELLE's May issue, tells WWD: "I didn't want to call it Dutchess, or Glamorous, or Fergalicious, or something that I've already done. I didn't want it to be so cutesy. I wanted it to be strong and empowering, something that represents me as a whole woman, a fearless woman."

Am I the only one wondering how "strong" and "empowering" it is to look the other way when your husby's been caught cheating with a stripper?