Sarah Jessica Parker On Her New Scent and New Movie

In her new Vogue interview.
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In her new Vogue interview.

SJP is on the cover of May Vogue—looking pretty great I might add—and in the interview inside talks up the forthcoming Sex and the City 2 movie (also out in May).

As much as there is a part of me—a BIG part—that loathes SATC and all the cultural clichés it spawned (the comparison of myself and all writerly types to Carrie is particularly irritating) I know I'll still go see it. Mais oui!

And if you're a REALLY big fan, you'll want to check out her new, appropriately-timed fragrance, called SJP NYC. It's directly inspired by the fictional Carrie Bradshaw character and is all about the strawberry. (Kind of a young-ish note considering Carrie and her pals are in their 40s.... but then again, the fan base is at least a decade or two younger, so I guess it makes sense.)

Surprisingly, if you dig around for reviews, the perfume experts seem to like it. (As do I... I've never pretended to be that sophisticated when it comes to scents.) I don't, however, love the multi-coloured packaging—although thankfully the bottle inside is just plain glass.

$45-59; available now at department and drug stores across Canada.

P.S. Here's the second trailer in case you missed its debut last week: