Sneak Peek at New Revlon ColorBurst Lipstick

Coming soon to a drugstore near you.
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Coming soon to a drugstore near you.

I knew there would be great things to come from Revlon after top makeup artist Gucci Westman (formerly of Lancôme) joined the company as global artistic director.

This lipstick is the best example—it's one product beauty editors all over are talking about (and wearing) right now.

What's so great about it? It feels completely sheer and weightless, is super moisturizing, and yet the pigments are intense and lovely—all things that I'm sure you know are unfortunately quite rare at the drugstore level.

Also there are no cheapie drugstore shimmers here either, folks—all in all, I swear this stuff is as good (or better) as most department store offerings.

Out of the 20 shades, my colour picks are Ruby (a GREAT blue red), Peach (a sophisticated nudey coral) and Fuchsia (VERY spring '10—see the Bottega Veneta show for reference).

The best part is that they're only $11.95 each, and the packaging is even kinda nice with the Chanel-inspired quilting detail.

Prediction: runaway hit.

Available in June at mass retailers and drugstores across Canada.