This Turquoise Chanel Polish is the Next Big Nail Colour Trend

It's called Nouvelle Vague.
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It's called Nouvelle Vague.

Is it just me or are nail colour trends moving at lightening speed these days?

The next big one is Nouvelle Vague from Chanel's summer collection (Les Pop-Up de Chanel).

It's a chalky turquoise that reminds me of Tiffany blue—and since it's only available for a limited time beginning in May, there's no doubt it'll sell out in a flash. (I jumped up and down when I got sent a sample—thank you Chanel!)

The other polishes include Riviera, a great hot pink, and Mistral, which is surprisingly pretty—a medium pink with subtle sparkle. (I told you I'm suddenly into sparkle these days.) Check out All Lacquered Up for pics on actual nails.

And take a look at the rest of the collection too. I'm in love with the Rouge Allure lipsticks in Génial (bright pink) and Super (bright coral). Yes, it's all about the brights for summer.