Heidi, Renée, Hayden or Agyness: Whose Short Haircut Looks Best?

Celebs are going for the chop.
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Celebs are going for the chop.

Have you heard? Celebs are going for the chop!

Renée Zellweger and Hayden Panettiere recently traded their long locks for short, cropped styles. Heidi Klum, whose hair has hovered around her shoulders for years, went a few inches shorter with a long bob and bangs. And model Agyness Deyn has gone all Sinéad O'Connor on us.

Do you like any of these 'dos? I'm loving Hayden's, actually—I think it really suits her. (I always found something was "off" about her look, and now I know why. The long hair didn't work with her features.) Not loving the other cuts though, especially Renée's. Girl needs a new stylist!

What do you think?