New Favourite Dry Shampoo Discovery! Clean Dry Shampoo

Cotton technology makes the difference.
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Cotton technology makes the difference.

Okay, I know Clean's latest fragrance—which combines two of my favourite notes, grass and laundry—was an Editor's Pick just the other day.

But I can't help it. I love everything Clean makes! And this new dry shampoo is no exception.

(You know about dry shampoos, right? They let you go an extra day without washing your hair... plus they're genius for adding texture and body.)

Anyway, why is this one so good? Because it's a powder that you sprinkle in—not a spray—and it has a pointed tip that allows you to get REALLY close to the roots. (Contrast that with most dry shampoo sprays, which require you to spray from 10 inches away or whatever.) So that equals more de-greasing power in my books.

The formula also contains a new, cotton-based technology that self-adjusts to help absorb excess oil throughout the day. PLUS it has a time-released fragrance that makes your hair smell super fresh instead of like you washed it yesterday.

Smart, aren't they, these Clean people? This product really ticks all my boxes.

One caveat: because it's a white powder, I'm not sure how well this would work on darker hair. (You don't want it to make your roots look grey.) One trick I use is to not put it directly on my part—I lift up sections of hair and apply it underneath. Rubbing it in a bit with your fingertips helps too.

Et voilà! An extra day out of your hairstyle.

$28 each; available in May at Sephora.