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Is It Just Me Or Is Lip Gloss Kind Of Over?

Lipstick is having a moment.
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Well not OVER, over.

But definitely falling out of the makeup rotation, no?

It's funny—I used to joke about the annual fall lipstick story that every magazine on the planet would run (the ones I worked at included). You know it. It proclaims: "Lipstick is back!" And yet, did it ever actually catch on? No, not even with me, a beauty editor with access to all kinds of gloriously expensive lipstick options. Gloss was pretty much my go-to right from when I first got into this industry, in 2004, until, well, now.

I guess it takes a while for these kinds of cultural shifts to happen, but I think change is in the air. And I don't mean on the runways—I mean with real people. (Some signs: the fuchsia lipstick Sandra Bullock and Maggie Gyllenhaal wore at the Oscars, and all the buzz surrounding Rouge Coco, Chanel's big lippie launch this spring.) Tell me if I'm wrong, but isn't gloss starting to look a tiny bit out of date? I'm not saying I won't still wear it, but these days I'm finding that it's lipstick—or lip stains—that look more fresh and modern.

That overly goopy, glassy look—think Carrie Underwood-style—is dead to me. (Unless it's the highly-saturated Prada spring '10 version, of course.) But cast your eye back to the Oscars round-up I did: the gloss, if it's there, is very understated, not super-shiny.

It also doesn't hurt that there are some SERIOUSLY good formulas out this year that leave the lipsticks of yore—with their too-brown or too-shimmery pigments—in the dust. Besides my Rouge Cocos, I—along with every other beauty editor out there—am loving Revlon's new ColorBurst Lipstick (out in June) for its sheer, Gucci Westman-approved shades. And I'll be posting soon about a couple of amazing lip stains from Stila and Josie Maran that have recently landed on my desk.

What about you—have you switched up your lips lately?
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