Zerona Review: My Mid-Treatment Measurements

After three sessions.
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After three sessions.

UPDATE: I’ve concluded that this procedure does not work—my feeling is that any weight loss that people experience comes from the supplement, Curva (NOT the Zerona sessions themselves). To read the full series of posts on my experience, see here: a Q&A with Dr. Mulholland, the pre-treatment measurements and photos, my first two sessions, the mid-treatment measurements, post-treatment measurements and then final measurements. I then started a second round of (six) treatments, but once again did not experience any changes. I believe that LipoSonix sounds more promising.

For all of you following along, just a quick update today on my Zerona fat-burning treatments. (If you're wondering what the heck I'm talking about, you can catch up here, here and here.)

Mid-way through the six sessions, you get to re-visit The Scary Room (see here) to get weighed and measured—just to see if you're getting any results yet.

Let's talk about the weigh-in first. Proving why I don't even own a scale or ever weigh myself, this one told me I actually GAINED two pounds. Talk about a downer. But my esthetician said it could be due to anything—just having eaten lunch, water retention before your period, etc. In other words, feel free to ignore.

Your actual measurements are supposedly a better guide for how Zerona is working. I was measured from neck to knees and the only difference? One third of an inch less around my waist.

I'll take it.

Apparently, some of us take a bit longer to see results than others, so I'm holding out for the next two measuring periods—once at the end of the six sessions, and then a final one a week later. As always, I'll keep you guys posted on how it all goes down!