Hairstylist Kevin Murphy on This Spring's Biggest Hair Trends

What's next for spring/summer 2010.
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What's next for spring/summer 2010.

Back in March, I was lucky enough to meet Australian hair guru Kevin Murphy (read my tribute post to his amazing eponymous line, if you missed it the first time around). And I just realized I neglected to post the wisdom he shared re: this season's hair trends.

Here's what he told me:

  • Bangs are still in style. In fact, based on his advice, I got my Nicole Richie-esque fringe last month. Kevin told me to get bangs, but long, angled ones (i.e. longer at the sides). And you know what? He was right—they look great (if I don't say so myself), and can be parted either in the middle or off to one side. Usually, I part them in the middle because...
  • The middle part is back. We've been seeing a lot of side parts over the past few years, but right now it's the middle that looks the most modern. (See: Diane Kruger at the People's Choice Awards. LOVE.)
  • Lock up your flat iron. You won't need it this season, unless you're using it to curl, not straighten. (Not sure how? Here's a good video tutorial.) The look is about a soft curl and natural textures...
  • Think fluffy and slightly flyaway. Really, it's bedroom hair. Note: you don't want frizz, but you don't want too much definition either.
  • Dry shampoo should be your new BFF. Kevin makes a good one, and lately I've been loving this one from Clean. At the drugstore, you can't go wrong with Klorane's. Dry shampoo is really the perfect product for this season's look, because you want hair to have a matte, almost powdery texture (Kevin's words, not mine). Note: he doesn't mean you should have visible white powder in your hair—just the dry texture it imparts. Make sense?

What do you think about the hair look for summer? Does it work with your natural texture or are you itching for a side-parted, dead-straight style?