New Neutrogena Clinical Claims to Target Skin's "Electric Energy"

A new way to fight aging.
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A new way to fight aging.

In the beauty biz, truth is usually stranger than fiction. Just when you think the skincare manufacturers can't possibly top their latest exotic ingredient or new delivery technology—think stem cells extracted from a rare species of apple tree, or seaweed extracts originally used on burn victims—they always do.

The latest is Neutrogena Clinical (from $39.99, a new range that claims to harness your skin's "electric energy" to help it fight the signs of aging. I know—totally Space Age, right?

But hear me out. The easiest way to understand it is this: ever had one of those European galvanic facials, where they stimulate your skin with a little hand-held device that releases an electric current? Well this is kind of the same thing.

At any given time, your body's cells are naturally sending electrical signals to eachother, telling them to do stuff like repair damaged areas or order you a pizza. (Just kidding. I know you prefer Indian.)

What this new range does is act like an electrical conductor, boosting the movement of positively-charged ions across your skin's surface and in turn stimulating collagen production and the breakdown of existing collagen—a process we all know equates to younger, healthier-looking skin, right? Right.

The regimen involves two steps. First, you apply a gel serum, and then you layer an activating cream on top, which, well, activates it. And then you sit back and wait four weeks, which, according to J&J's clinical studies, is the amount of time it took for users to notice improved skin tone, texture and resiliency, with fewer wrinkles around the eyes in particular.

What do you think of Neutrogena's latest innovation? Do you think it's just another fleeting skincare trend, or does this tune from Miss Debbie Gibson say it all?