Zerona Review: My Post-Treatment Measurements

After six sessions.
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After six sessions.

UPDATE: I’ve concluded that this procedure does not work—my feeling is that any weight loss that people experience comes from the supplement, Curva (NOT the Zerona sessions themselves). To read the full series of posts on my experience, see here: a Q&A with Dr. Mulholland, the pre-treatment measurements and photos, my first two sessions, the mid-treatment measurements, post-treatment measurements and then final measurements. I then started a second round of (six) treatments, but once again did not experience any changes. I believe that LipoSonix sounds more promising.

Well, folks, I've finally completed my six Zerona treatments—the fat-burning laser I've been baring my bod for at Toronto's SpaMedica. (If you're just joining us, read this Q&A with medical director Dr. Stephen Mulholland and get the deets on the first couple of sessions.)

And, well, let's just say that my post-treatment measuring session was a little depressing.

Why? Because every time I've been in the Scary Room for a weigh-in, I've actually GAINED two pounds.

It didn't help that the medical esthetician was a little "tsk-tsk" about it. (Note to spa industry workers: NEVER, EVER comment on someone else's weight. Just stay silent please. It's better that way.)

However, I DID lose 1.5 inches so far (since starting the treatments) around my waist. So I guess that's something. The rest of my measurements haven't changed, though.

Dr. Mulholland did tell me that the only downside of the treatment is that some people are disappointed that they don't see results fast enough—although I'm holding on to the fact that most people tend to see the majority of fat-loss action by the final appointment. (I have one more, final measuring session next week.)

The other thing you need to be aware of with all this measuring and weighing is that for most of us females, the numbers on the scale naturally will fluctuate with your menstrual cycle. (In fact, I know that's the exact reason why my numbers went way, way up this week—bloating, anyone?) I kind of feel like they should mention that. It might make the constant—although necessary—measuring a bit less traumatic for people.

The other issue is the niacin supplement you have to take, Curva. I forgot to mention in an earlier post that within days of taking it, a lovely cystic breakout appeared on my chin. (They did warn me that was a possible side effect.) So I ended up skipping it for a few days as I just had to get the skin under control. Who knows? Maybe that's one reason why I've only seen results around my waist so far.

I'm back there next week so I'll update you on the final stats. It's been a big time commitment going in there every other day for treatments, so I'm crossing my fingers that the inches decide to melt away in time for them to have their way with the tape measure on me. Wish me luck!