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Lush Makes a Cream Foundation Now

The new Colour Supplement Multi-Purpose Base Colour.
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Is this big news or what? Lush—known mostly for, let's face it, bath bombs—is introducing a four-strong range of multi-purpose base colours ($13.95 each, this month.

And while you might not think a bath and body company would excel at making makeup, I actually think they're quite good.

As you can see, they come in little pots (a nice step up from Lush's usual packaging) and the consistency is very creamy. You can either mix them with your usual day cream to create a tinted moisturizer, or you can apply them directly as concealer. Either way, I'd recommend using a brush, not your fingers, to do so—you don't want to contaminate the whole pot with your cooties.

I tried both the Light Pink and Light Yellow and both were fine on my fair skin. There's also a Dark Yellow (for olive and Asian tones) and Dark Pink (for dark or tanned skin).

My one worry is that, like all Lush products, there's an expiry date (2011), so I'll need to hustle to get through the entire pot before it goes off. But I DO plan to use this, A LOT. It works great around the eyes (my instant look-well-rested tip) and if you dab it on other discolourations, then let it set for a few seconds, the coverage is even more impressive.