'Sex and the City 2' Premiere: The Must-See Beauty Looks

Even if the movie disappoints, this hair and makeup doesn't.
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Even if the movie disappoints, this hair and makeup doesn't.

Yes, it's the obligatory Sex and the City 2 post. Are you going to see the movie? OF COURSE YOU ARE. (Even if it's with a case of self-loathing like The Chic Storm.) I'm seeing it tomorrow afternoon—not a bad way to spend a work day, huh?—courtesy of Coty, whose new fragrance, SPJ NYC, just happens to be out this spring.

My expectations for the movie aren't high (I'm REALLY not sure about this Abu Dhabi plot), so instead let's focus instead on what did impress: the hair and makeup at the premiere last night in NYC.

First of all, how great are the waves on SJP, Cynthia and Kim? This is what I aspire to every time I get out my flat iron (to curl, not straighten, mind you) and never seem to master. (Must. Keep. Practicing.) Note the texture: it's not "done," but is instead loose and finger-tousled, which is supremely youthful and the perfect contrast to such high-glam gowns. I also love that SJP and Cynthia went softer and more golden with their colour, which is, for the most part, more flattering than cooler tones (but a post on that is coming soon).

And the makeup? From this vantage, perfection. With a lemon yellow or candy pink gown, you don't want to introduce too much colour on your face, so SJP and Kristin were smart to keep it soft, soft, soft. Because Cynthia wore an LBD, she could get away with a bit of smoky action on the eyes... and Kim's gown was crying out for the vampy red lips.

Do you love these looks too? Which is your fave?

Photo: StyleList.com