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Model Coco Rocha Shares Her Beauty Tips

The Rimmel face on her go-to makeup look and more.
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I LOVE Coco Rocha. Partially because flattery gets you everywhere—and the last time I interviewed her (for ELLE Canada), she said she "totally remembered me" from the first time we met, in Paris, the year before. (GAWD. Doesn't that sound ultra-glamorous? Trust me, I'm not.)

But that's not the only reason I think she's the coolest. She's also way more giving with her time than I would be if I was an in-demand international supermodel. Last week, she was in Toronto for Strut for a Cure (a very fashionable fundraiser for pediatric cancer that was held on Thursday night), and her schedule included appearances on FTV, Canada AM, CP24 and CTV, as well as a whole bunch of pre-event interviews... including one with lucky little me! (Thanks, Coty!) Coco is a spokesperson for Rimmel London so that's the beauty connection, in case you're wondering—make sure to check out my post on their summer collection, it's FAB.

Coco actually didn't remember me this time around, but that's okay—I'm telling myself that it's because I used to change my hair colour a lot. Plus, she was probably distracted by the presence of her fiancé, James Conran (they get married in less than a month). He looked on adoringly as Coco conducted media interviews like a seasoned pro. (And I couldn't help but notice her ring—it's AMAZING.)

Read on for lots more pics plus the dish on Coco's supermodel beauty tips and fave products!

Striking a pose:


Strutting her stuff:


Stolen from her Twitter feed—Coco with James before the event:


And here's her campaign for Rimmel London—coming to Canada very soon, I'm told:


And now, our Q&A:

Q. Your job involves wearing A LOT of makeup. What do you wear when you're not working?

A. You always hear about some models who say how they never wear makeup when they're not working. I'm not one of them! I will always leave my house with a face full of makeup. I'm obsessed with it!

Q. So what's your go-to makeup look?

A. I always go for a dark eye and a pale lip. That's my staple. My fiancé always teases me about it—it can get a bit like I'm walking around like one of the characters off True Blood! So then I start to think, well, maybe I should try more coloured lips, like a red lip, to help me look more alive and not so pale.

Q. Okay, so if you were going to shake things up, what kind of lipstick would you go for?

A. I love a warm red, an orange red. [The Rimmel London lipstick] shade #220 is really nice. It would look great if you were wearing a spring dress, or even on the red carpet.

Q. So back to your dark-eyes-pale-lips combo. How can we get the same look?

A. It's kind of become my signature. I actually use concealer around my eyes so there's more of a white contrast. Sometimes I use it on my lips too! Then I like to do "cat liner." I draw a line around the eyes with a black pencil. Then sometimes I go over it again with a black liquid liner. It makes your eyes really stand out.

Q. What about your nails—I caught a pic on Twitter of you showing off some dark nail polish today (Rimmel London, #615). 


A. I don't do my nails AT ALL! I really hate waiting for them to dry. They always tell me I have to sit still for half an hour but I can't do that. So that's why I really like the Rimmel polishes—they dry in 60 seconds.

Q. You're exposed to so many different designers, people and trends as a model. What's inspiring you at the moment?

A. I've never actually looked up to any one person. But I do get inspired by different eras. Right now I'm really liking the 1920s and the 1950s. I love the glamour. I hope it comes back!

Want to know more about Coco? Read this profile story I did a little while ago for ELLE Canada.

Now tell me: are you a Coco Rocha fan? Will you be trying any of her beauty tips? I'll tell you—I just got a copy of the ego-crushing photo I got taken of myself with Coco, and I DEFINITELY need to step it up with some Coco-esque eye makeup. (I look waaaaay too washed out to post my mug here!)