This Physicians Formula Bronzer is a Dupe for Guerlain

Luxe for less.
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Luxe for less.

Does this bronzing powder look like it belongs in a drugstore?

I don't think so! The first brand I thought of when I saw the packaging was Guerlain—but it just happens to be the more affordable Physicians Formula.

The whole thing ($19.99, folds into a very chic little portable case, but that's not the only reason it's great. Physicians always does a good job with their bronzers: unlike many mass-market versions, theirs tend not to streak or go orange. (This one is billed as "mistake-proof," in fact—and I can attest to that as I definitely lack the bronzer application skillz.)

Also, beauty eds and makeup artists are always saying you need a big, fluffy brush to apply bronzer. This one doesn't disappoint.