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How To Line Your Lower Waterlines

My new summer makeup trick from The Body Shop's Chase Aston.
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I am SO all over this makeup trick lately. And I think you will be too.

It's from The Body Shop's international makeup artist, Chase Aston, who I'd happily watch apply makeup all day long. That's how good he is. (I love that when we met, he casually name-dropped famous models he'd been working with recently, except he wasn't doing it in a show-offy way—that's just normal to him! I don't want to spill anything I'm not supposed to, but my internet sleuthing reveals that Chase has made up the faces of Cameron Diaz, Britney Spears, Kate Moss and Claudia Schiffer... wowza.)

Anyway, Chase was in town the other week to present what's new for summer and fall, and as usual, demonstrated his mad makeup skillz on a couple of models. (Make sure you also check out my posts on the three looks he showcased last time he was in Toronto: bright makeup, day-to-night makeup and party makeup.) I've gotta say though, the look I'm showing you today is my hands-down favourite.

Let's take a closer look... and I will reveal the how-to!


Will you check out those EYES! That's the "trick" part I'm referring to: what Chase did was line the inner part of the lower eyelid, which is something I've never in all these years thought to do! (Can you tell I'm excited about learning something new, for once?)

Usually, I'll do the inner rim (sometimes called the "waterline") thing on BOTH the upper and lower lids, and mostly around the outer edges, when I want to make my eyes all sexy and smoky-looking. But there's something VERY modern about lining just the bottom and extending it right to the inner corners of the eye, don't you think? (Chase told me that's actually where this technique started off... I assume back in the 80s.) I love that the effect is a very clean eye with just a bit of extra pow!

What to use: Chase used The Body Shop's black Eye Definer pencil ($12,, but any soft pencil should do the job. (Make sure it's soft though—you don't want any tugging in that delicate area.) If your liner tends to smudge on you, go for a waterproof or long-lasting liner (Lise Watier and YSL make particularly good ones).

As for the rest of the face: this looks amazing, as you can see, with a statement lip. I love this lipstick (I believe the shade is called Tomato Red), which is more summery than a traditional blue-red and has a texture that strikes just the right balance between matte and glossy.

If you're not digging lipstick, you could also do a tinted lip balm. I'm super impressed by The Body Shop's Delipscious Tinted Lip Balm in Raspberry Crush ($10,

The other key to this look, according to Chase, is that the skin looks really FRESH. Don't cake on the foundation (okay, you shouldn't be doing that ANYWAY...); just conceal where you need it and try using a touch of highlighter on your cheeks to give your skin a bit of a glow.

And there you have it!

Do you love this look or what?
Have you ever lined the inner rim of your eyelids?
Does your ophthalmologist hate me now or what?