Soap & Glory is Now Available in Canada

Cute brand alert!
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Cute brand alert!

Did you know that the Soap & Glory range ( is available in Canada?

Forgive me if I've been ignorant of that fact—by nature of my job, I don't often actually shop for beauty products (don't hate me). So I was excited to learn that this line—developed by Bliss founder Marcia Kilgore—can be found at Shoppers Drug Mart.

If you've ever tried Bliss products, you know they're amAZing... but they're also pretty pricey. Think of these as Bliss on a budget. You get the same great textures and scents, but in the $10-$20 range.

As with Bliss, the body products are the best part: I like the shower gel, Clean on Me, and the body scrub, Flake Away. Not crazy about Scrub Your Nose In It (a facial scrub that I found a bit harsh), but the lip plumper, Sexy Mother Pucker, is quite good—and not just because of the cheeky name.

Okay, and we all know that what's on the outside counts too. The retro feel of their packaging reminds me of Benefit's, with the added bonus that it may make you laugh upon application. (Example, on the cellulite cream: "Dyslexic chemist applies vat of undereye puffiness gel to dimpled thighs and discovers... Slimwear!") You've got to love a brand that's willing to put THAT on their packaging.