How to Get '60s-Style Bouffant Hair Like Kate Moss

Tips from hairstylist Charles Booth.
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Tips from hairstylist Charles Booth.

Here's Kate Moss the other day at the opening of a new Topshop store in the UK. As if they need another. WE need you, Topshop!

(Actually... they ARE coming here, if you haven't heard. Jonathan + Olivia in Toronto will be opening a Topshop "store within a store" on June 19th. Let's all buy lots of stuff so they decide to open up a proper giant shop, okay?)

Anyway! Back to beauty. How glamorous is Kate's hair here, people? She's always, ALWAYS ahead of the trends—big, voluminous beehives were all over the runway at Prada for fall—so I predict we'll ALL be doing this six months from now, and then you'll thank me for getting you this how-to. It comes courtesy of hair expert Charles Booth, founder of LaCoupe, and he says it's really Not. That. Hard. Here's what to do:

1. Shampoo and condition with volumizing products. LaCoupe just came out with a great duo in their Orgnx line: Colour Care Shampoo and Conditioner that are also Volumizing AND Sulfate-Free. I'm trialling them now and really happy with the results.

2. Work a volumizing mousse (such as LaCoupe's Volume Mousse) or even a spray-gel (LaCoupe has a new one called Voluptress) through damp hair, concentrating most of the product at the roots.

3. Blow dry your hair upside down. (Charles says: "A nozzle for your dryer is crucial for this look. It will give an extra-strong lift effect. Be sure to concentrate at the roots.")

4. Working from front to back, section your hair into jumbo Velcro rollers. You want the direction of the curls to be off your face, towards the back of your head.

5. Spray with hairspray, and leave them in as long as you can to set the curl. You may want to try also blasting with the dryer again for good measure.

6. Take out the rollers and separate the curls very slightly with your fingers.

7. To get that gorgeous bouffant height, you need to backcomb. Do it underneath the uppermost layers so they remain smooth. (Charles says: "Use a tail comb for lifting and smoothing. It gives the gentle, light touch needed to primp hair without destroying the height created.") The proper backcombing technique is to lift the hair straight up and comb it down in three short, quick strokes. And Goody makes some great tools to do it with. Repeat until you get the desired amount of volume. Notice here that the height is more at the very top of her head, not at the back of the crown—this is the modern take on the '60s look.

8. Smooth the top layer of hair over the backcombed pieces, finger comb it away from your face again, and then spray once more with hairspray to finish.

Now tell me: do you love this hair on Kate Moss? Think you'll try it? After all that, I'll probably sit this one out, since I just got my Sienna Miller-esque bang trim. (Told you I would!)