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The Best Haircuts and Styles for Naturally Curly Hair

By reader request.
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Ever heard the advice to "write what you know"? Well, beauty editors do that BIG TIME, as you might have guessed. You're always going to hear more about the products the editor in question is using herself, or her own particular beauty issues. In my case, it's lipstick and volumizing products lately—could you tell?

One thing I don't know much about is naturally curly hair. And after posting yet another photo of a hairstyle I'm coveting for my fine, straight hair (Sienna Miller's new bangs), reader Marilisa (from The Chic Storm) put in a request to PLEASE cover some curly 'do ideas. And she's right—I do tend to neglect you naturally curly-haired folks. So let's take a closer look at six styles I'm digging right now... and then you can vote for which is your fave!

First up is AnnaLynne McCord:


What I like about this is that she left it super curly all the way through—most celebs will straighten their curls out, then do the dime-a-dozen flat iron curls that EVERYONE has these days. I like deep side part with the shorter layers around the face and the finger-combed, almost 1920s-style waves on top.

Next we have Alicia Keys:


So gorgeous, right? What makes such voluminous, tight curls work is the flat bit on top along with the deep side part. VERY glam.

Here's Rebecca Gayheart:


This is probably my favourite 'do of all. I'm a huge fan of the side updo of any kind (also the side braid) and having naturally curly hair is a big asset—it gives your hair the texture and body you need to make the bun look substantial. Check out this how-to I got straight from Herbal Essences rep (and Leighton Meester's hair guy) Charles Baker Strahan.

Now here's Charlize Theron:


Unless you have a super-skilled hairdresser, this one will work best with wavy hair (not tight curls). No matter what, be prepared to put in a bit of time with flat irons and curl-defining products to get your curls to play nice (you don't want the dreaded Triangle Head). But the end result looks great, don't you think?

Now here's Audrey Tautou:


This is a great example of a short cut for curly hair—isn't it adorable? I love the flirty curls around the face and the tousled volume on top. Perfection.

And finally Scarlett Johansson:


These curls were definitely helped along by a flat iron, but I'm loving them all the same. Notice the texture: like I've been saying (and Kevin Murphy too), that dry-looking, slightly messy finish is totally in style right now. Also love the very modern centre part.

Now tell me what you think!