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Is Kate Moss Getting Beauty Tips From Lindsay Lohan?

Let's hope not.
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Say it ain't so, Kate!

I hate to follow one celebrity hair snarking session with another so soon after, HOWEVER—I'm more than a little distressed by this recent pic of Miss Moss sporting some ratty-looking, Lindsay Lohan-like hair extensions, along with a deep faux tan and a few inches of visible roots. And just when I was praising (and did a how-to on) the voluminous bouffant 'do (at left, above) that she showed off at a Topshop event a few weeks ago! I guess THAT's over, then.

But make no mistake—unless Kate's suddenly lost her touch, she's the closest we've got to an Official Arbiter of Cool. I just cringe that this particular look is what's considered cool right now.

Sorry, but unless you're a supermodel, dark roots and unbrushed hair will just make you look poorly groomed—not "on-trend."

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