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YSL's New Shadows and Liners are Goof-Proof and Long-Lasting

The nicest I've ever tried.
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Eva—a.k.a Lowe—from Coco&Lowe made a comment the other day in my Babe in the Biz profile that she didn't think eyeshadows were worth splurging on. ("What's the difference anyway?" was her reasoning, if I recall correctly.)

Now, let's just stop right there, because I beg to differ. I think there's a BIG difference. Not just in packaging but in pigments, wearability and longevity.

And YSL's new Ombre Solo Lasting Radiance Smoothing Eye Shadows ($32 each, at Holt Renfrew and select Bay and Murale stores) are hands-down, the best I've ever tried. (Do I need to remind you that I've tried A LOT of eye makeup over the years?)

(By the way, I might, because I'm in a YSL mood today, even go as far as saying that YSL is my all-around favourite makeup line. I know, I know... that's a HUGE claim to make, given I've tried just about every line out there at every price point. And they are NOT paying me to say this. But consistently, I'm impressed—no, DELIGHTED—with their colours, textures and packaging in not just one category (like, say, lipstick), but in everything they make. For example: their summer collection just arrived and it is also a triumph. More on that soon.)

But back to eye makeup! Besides the shadows, also new are eyeliners: Dessin Du Regard Long-Lasting Eye Pencils ($28 each, also at Holt Renfrew, select Bay and Murale stores). And both together are so fantastic that I HAD to snap some pics of myself wearing them (even though I NEVER do this), just so you can see how great they are for yourself...

So here goes:

The first shot is the "before"—although believe it or not, I'm actually wearing mascara. (It's Revlon's new one—it's very comme ci comme ça.)

In the second shot, I've got on more mascara, plus the YSL shadow in my favourite shade, Lunar Purple, and two eyeliners: Velvet Black (all the way around the waterline) and Purple Silk just under the lower lashes (the BEST trick I learned from celeb makeup artist Andrea Claire).

And in the third shot, I swept the shadow in Smoky Grey from lid to just above the crease, and then covered up the purple liner with Charcoal Grey.

Now: all of this took less than two minutes. That's how sheer, blendable and easy to use these colours are. (Believe me, despite all the interviews I've done on them, I'm no smoky eye expert.) The liners, may I also add, glide, instead of tug (as cheaper ones are prone to doing) AND they come with a neat little blending tool on the opposite end.

In case you're wondering, YSL had single-colour shadows and liners before, yes—but these have been reformulated with improved textures and pigments. AND they stay put a very, very long time. Normally, unless I wear waterproof shadows and liners, I'm creasing and smudging all over the place within a couple of hours. You get none of that here.

So—in a word—these are totally goof-proof, even for the eye makeup novice, and something I'd definitely buy even if they didn't send me free samples. (That's always the true test of beauty editor affection!)

I'll leave you to browse the colour charts... And let me know in the comments: have you tried these yet? Or YSL makeup in general? What are YOUR fave eye makeup brands/shades?