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These Tree Hut Body Splashes are a Tropical Treat

A fun drugstore find.
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I'm a sucker for anything tropical, so these Body Splashes from Tree Hut ($8 each, at London Drugs) had me as soon as I read the scent names. Think Hawaiian Kukui, Coconut Lime and Tahitian Grass.

They're also infused with shea butter, so unlike many alcohol-based sprays, they're a bit more moisturizing. If your skin isn't too dry, you could probably get away with using them instead of your usual body lotion or body butter. (And if you don't have air conditioning, store them in the fridge for a little extra cooling sensation!)

While they're not exactly organic, the shea butter Tree Hut uses is, and they also use a paraben-free preservative. Baby steps.

Tree Hut also makes lotions, scrubs and body washes—layer a few products in one scent to make it last even longer!