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What's Your Beauty Game Plan Before You Go on a Vacation?

Prep work.
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I'm heading off to Cincinnati today with Janine from BeautyGeeks—okay, it's not exactly a vacation, but we're going on a press trip together—and like every time I travel, freaking out about a) all the grooming I've got to do before I get on that plane, and b) what the heck I should take with me!

Are you like this too?

According to a Daily Mail story today, the average woman spends £200 more on clothes for her summer getaway than the cost of the vacation itself, PLUS a further £170 on beauty products and treatments "to ensure they have that sunkissed, glamorous look before they've stepped anywhere near the beach."

And there's more: "Primping, meanwhile, reportedly includes six hours of applying self-tanner, an hour and a half of waxing (ouch!), three and a half hours of eyebrow shaping and nail maintenance, and four hours devoted to reading fashion magazines to brush up on the latest trends."

I totally believe this. I got a pedicure on the weekend, self-tanned my entire body last night and my fingernail polish is drying as I type. And I'm only going to Cincinnati, for crying out loud—not a beach!

But I'm still compelled to do it.

Even worse is the ordeal of packing. When you have as many beauty products as I do (sorry), trying to whittle them down to what will fit in a tiny plastic bag is next to impossible. We're only supposed to take carry-on luggage, so I'm trying to make use of all my solid stuff—stick foundations, solid cream blushes, etc. (I'll do another post on what I actually took with me in a day or two. Once I figure that out this morning!)

One cool concept that I hope takes off is Suite Arrival (suitearrival.com), a service that delivers your favourite travel-size personal care products right to your hotel room.

So now tell me—what do YOU do, beauty-wise, before you go on a trip?

Are you as obsessive as I am about all of this grooming stuff?

And what do you take with you—let me know if the comments if you have any non-liquid, airport security-approved product tips!