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'Twilight: Eclipse' Premiere: The Must-See Beauty Looks

Which one is your fave?
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So hard to choose! I'm blown away by how much I liked ALL the beauty looks on this red carpet. (Eclipse is out June 30th in Canada, BTW.)

I've blown up the pics so you can take a closer look, then scroll down to tell me which one is your favourite. (Tell me why in the comments!)

First up is  Kristen Stewart... and Hallelujah, she's finally taken our advice to SMILE on the red carpet!


Those are some mad skillz on the eye makeup, K-Stew! Props to the makeup artist who did that!

Now we have Nikki Reed:


I love this natural makeup (with just a hit of pink on the lips), but the updo is what really stands out for me—with the wavy texture and slightly undone feel, it's perfection:


Next up is gorgeous redhead Bryce Dallas Howard:


I can't rave enough about how much I adore the combo of pink lips with red hair. Why don't more redheaded ladies try this, I wonder?

ALSO: my sources tell me that celeb hairstylist David Babaii (who also has his own hair line, David Babaii for WildAid, which I adore) styled Bryce's hair using Moroccanoil products. So THAT's how it got so super shiny.

Here's Anna Kendrick:


I feel like I've seen this hair before on Miss Kendrick—not that it doesn't look great, of course. But her SKIN! Incredible.

Now here's Ashley Greene:


This Brigitte Bardot-style, half-up/half-down hairdo is one of my personal go-tos, and it's SO, SO pretty on Ashley. The texture is what keeps it modern (it's not too perfect).

Last but not least, we have Dakota Fanning:


Look closely and you'll see some very on-trend gold shadow on her lids! Love it with an otherwise bare face and her golden hair. I definitely want to try this!

Now tell me what YOU think...