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Miley Cyrus Took Out Her Extensions and It Looks So Much Better

Plus! Post-extension hair tips.
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I'll never forget the money quote from an interview I did once with supermodel Coco Rocha. She said: "I can't stand fake anything—even fake handbags!”

This is a sound philosophy of life, ladies. Because—and wait for the beauty angle—I really don't like hair extensions. A.k.a. fake hair.

Sorry to anyone who thinks they're a good look, but I think that 99 percent of the time, you can tell they're there. (See: here. Although in Kate Gosselin's case, they were actually an improvement.) And is it really that attractive to be going around with hot, sweaty, likely smelly pelts woven to your scalp?

This is why I'm very, very happy that Miley Cyrus ditched hers. For now.

Doesn't this shoulder-sweeping length look a zillion times better? fresher? younger? (Although yes, I recognize that looking her age might not be what she's going for. I blame Billy Ray for the poor parenting.)

Tell me what you think in the comments—and if you're an extension wearer thinking about taking YOURS out, here are some tips from NYC celebrity stylist Riccardo Maggiore. (Don't worry, if you take them out we'll pretend this whole thing never happened. I promise.)

Restore thinned hair by playing with texture: "A common result of having extensions is thinning hair due to their weight and the tension they can put on the scalp. On the other hand, your newfound short length gives you the ability to really work volume into the hair. Really learn to play with texture and body to give your hair a fuller appearance."

Find a flattering cut: "Most women will find that they’ll need a trim afterward, which may be a bit scary after already losing the length given through extensions. Ask your stylist to give you long, choppy layers, which will help you keep the overall length of your hair, but also help to get rid of any dry, brittle ends.

Switch up your beauty regime: "Try switching to a volumizing shampoo and conditioner. When shampooing, take your time to massage the shampoo into your roots to stimulate the scalp, which can help with hair growth. Also be sure to use conditioner only on the ends or else you’ll risk weighing down your entire look."