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Tom Ford's New Private Blend Lipsticks Are a Worthwhile Splurge

Insanely luxurious, flattering and yes, worth the $52.
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By now I'm sure you've heard of, seen or maybe even tried out Tom Ford's new line of lipsticks, called Private Blend Lip Color.

If not, you need to get on that, stat! Because they really are something to behold.

Think of them this way: whereas most companies out there force their R&D arms to work within certain budget constraints when they come up with new products (causing them to cut corners on ingredients, textures, pigments and packaging), Tom insisted on the best of the best. That means these puppies are the most exclusive, highest-end lipsticks on the market today.

So the $52 price tag (at Holt Renfrew) is actually starting to seem almost reasonable, right?


Let's count the ways:

  • The texture is sheer, creamy but flat (not matte) and definitely not shimmery or glossy. What's the word? LUSH.
  • The formula (which is proprietary) is intensely moisturizing and won't feather (thanks to rare ingredients like soja seed extract, Brazilian murumuru butter and chamomilla flower oil).
  • The packaging, as you can see, is perfection: ultra-glam white and gold cases, PLUS each lippie is engraved with a chic "TF". Tom, you're killin' me.
  • The scent is TO DIE for—I'm told it's the chamomile, but it smells rather chocolatey to me.

Oh and did I mention the colours?

Of the 12 shades, there are three colour groupings with four shades in each:

  • The nudes: I'm told Vanilla Suede, the palest, works both by itself AND with any of the other colours. (Take a peek at it on Janine here.)
  • The bolds: These are the brighter, highly-pigmented "fun" shades. But I mean fun in a wearable, completely glamorous way, not the (often risky) drugstore brand sort of way where you're never sure if the colour is going to be a winner or not.
  • The daring shades: Think darker, sultry, sexy colours. More of a winter palette.

Most popular so far (according to the PR) are: Cherry Lush (my personal fave) and Blush Nude.

And you know what's crazy about all of this? After test driving these at the press preview a couple months ago, I still can't bring myself to actually USE them. A little-known secret about (some of) us beauty editors: when something is really, REALLY nice, it's almost like art to us. Why ruin it by wearing it when we have dozens of other lipsticks to use?

And so they stay in the archives for a while, like this:


I know, I'm insane... so tell me: have you tried any of these lippies yet? Or have you already found your Holy Grail lipstick?