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Should You Try Stila's New One-Step Makeup?

Two new and very excellent products that will make your skin all radiant and glowy.
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As much as I adore colour cosmetics—the packaging! the pigments! the elaborately engraved eyeshadows worthy of displaying on your walls as art!—the makeup items that really get me going are the ones you use on your skin.

As in: concealers, primers, powders, blushes, bronzers and foundations. All stuff that, if it's good, is basically undetectable—it just makes you look like you've naturally got perfect, glowy skin.

This is why I am all over two new and very idiot-proof products from Stila like white on rice:

The first product is the new One Step Makeup ($57):

Oh. Em. Gee.

This is simultaneously a primer, concealer, powder and foundation—and is not only money-saving (you won't have to spring for separate items now), but also time-saving. Instead of applying all those layers, you just dab this stuff on and it gives you both coverage AND longevity.

Let me also reassure those of you concerned about how well it actually can hide flaws and spots—it really DOES double as concealer and is totally buildable. It also contains high-def, 100% mineral pigments that help diminish the look of imperfections, fine lines and wrinkles.

I am in love, peoples.

The other new prod that is surprisingly fantastic is the One Step PrimeColor ($29):


Again, they've really dumbed things down for us and made a single product that can be used as a primer, eye shadow, highlighter, lip colour, cheek colour and bronzer.

How you use it depends on the shade you pick (there are six—some bronzey, some pinky and some neutral) and, of course, your skin tone.

The shade I was sent is Bronze Babe, and let me tell you—it maybe just surpassed my previous fave cream bronzer from Dr. Hauschka. It has a bit more pigment, is waterproof and therefore lasts longer (although you can't expect natural brands like Hauschka to compete on that front), and, of course, is so darn multi-tasking. Besides the cheekbones and forehead, it looks great on the lids and I might just try it on my lips to shake up my usual pinks and reds.

Oh, and did I mention it has the same wrinkle-smoothing properties as the product above?

Can't recommend these enough. Let me know if you try them!