Kim Kardashian Just Got Bangs

And Hilary Duff went red.
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And Hilary Duff went red.

That's it—I hereby declare bangs an Official Hair Trend. Kim Kardashian just got hers (update: okay, so an eagle eye commenter just pointed out they're clip-ins), and before that I was drooling over Sienna's (so much so that I got my own). And before THAT, they were on the runway at Lanvin.

Clearly, I need to head back to the hairdresser to get mine touched up now—they just grow so darn FAST!

Anyway—what do you think of Kim's version?

If I'm not mistaken, she's had this look before... and gosh, I hope she sticks with it for a while goes for an actual chop. The whole super-long, centre-parted, dropped-out waves thing is okaaaay... I guess. It just feels like every celeb (or in this case, pseudo-celeb) on the planet has that 'do.

The bangs are just a small change, but instantly make her hair seem that much fresher, cooler, so very fall 2010, non?

Which brings me to Miss Hilary Duff.

Now, she didn't get the memo about bangs yet—but that's okay, because this slightly darker, strawberry-coloured 'do sure is bangin'.


I'll always love Hil as a blonde, but this softens things up a bit. And I can imagine, living in California where blondes are a dime a dozen, that going strawberry makes you stand out a bit. (Or maybe she's just getting tips from Christina Hendricks.) Either way, I approve!

What do you think of these celebrity hair change-ups?
Are you considering getting bangs?
How do you feel about going slightly darker or more red for fall?