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Emmy Awards 2010: The Must-See Beauty Looks

Which celeb had the best hair and makeup on this red carpet?
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If I could invent an award for the best red carpet hair and makeup at the Emmys last night, there's no question: the Mad Men ladies would be a shoo-in. January Jones and Christina Hendricks, I salute you—both of you simply nailed it with simple, gorgeous looks that were both on-trend yet not overly trendy, if you catch my drift.

I probably heart January's look the most, and it's because of her bang-on interpretation of The Haircut of the Moment.

Just grazing the shoulders, it's expertly teetering that fine line between sexy and disheveled (good) and messy (bad). Probably it was achieved with some sort of texturizing product and by gently wrapping the hair around a flat iron or curling tongs—but gosh, doesn't it look so darn EFFORTLESS? This is what we want, peoples. It's perfect, perfect, perfect.

Also notice: the fuller brow (I answered a twestion on how to get the look here), hint of powder blue shadow, loooong lashes and the otherwise bare face. As the Victoria's Secret girls always demonstrate, the whole above-the-neck "natural" look is a very good thing when one is wearing a sexed-up, show-stopping, strapless dress. It's all about the contrast. UPDATE: Okay, maybe the dress wasn't the sexiest thing going. I didn't realize the strapless bodice gave way to a poufy, flared skirt. Ah well. I STILL like her hair and makeup.

Next up is my girl Christina:


And can we all just thank her, please, for OWNING her unique brand of beauty? Really, the whole point of Christina's makeup last night was to draw attention to that skin (which clearly has never been baked, fried, boiled, etc., in the sun—and Lord does it show).

I also adore her blue-grey shadow application (who said blue-eyed girls can't wear blue eyeshadow?). The finishing touch is the coral lipstick, which picks up on tones in her hair, and pulls everything together.

As for honourable mentions, I think Kyra Sedgwick definitely deserves one:


Kyra is 45 and I love that she hasn't injected the shiz out of her wrinkles. That hot pink lipstick is smashing... and her hair is just gorgeous.

Speaking of hair, Claire Danes was rocking some fantastic, glamour girl waves:


And check out those lashes, yo! She's now repping Latisse so those are all natural—not falsies.

But would a red carpet wrap-up be complete without a few misses? Of course not. And so we have The Hills girls to thank for what's coming next. (Not snarking! It's instructive, right?)

Here's Stephanie Pratt:


Just wrong, wrong, wrong in too many ways to even count. This girl needs a makeunder BAD. She's too tanned, too blonde and someone needs to confiscate her black eyeliner and chalky pink lipstick, stat! Some mattifying primer would also be a good investment, Steph. Sorry girl.

While Stephanie's downfall was her makeup, Lauren Bosworth failed on the hair front:


I know you're channeling Mad Men with this beehive, Lo, but I really don't think Joan would approve. It's too high, too frizzy and overall too literal of a '60s interpretation. It also makes her look 20 years older.

Remember—we can take inspiration from retro looks, but the goal is to modernize them, yes? That means softer, looser, more touchable hair.

And finally, the honourable mention of Emmy beauty wrongs goes to Keri Russell:


Girl, you kick butt at the top knot, but what happened here? When I was cooing over side buns, this isn't exactly what I meant. I appreciate the effort with that flower thing, but it's just screaming Prom. Oh, and you need a brighter lipstick.

So did YOU watch the Emmys?
Do you agree with my best and worst beauty picks? Who did you think nailed it / failed it?
And are Claire Danes' spidery eyelashes kinda creeping you out or is it just me...?