10 Changes to Transition Your Beauty Routine Into Fall

Bye, summer!
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Bye, summer!

For me, September 1st is probably the most depressing day of the year.

I looooove summer, you see. Can't get enough of it. Want to marry it. (And yes, it makes no sense that I live in Canada.) And today, it's sort of the beginning of the end. In my mind, the only good things about what's to come (i.e. the days getting shorter and cooler) are:
a) new fall boots and
b) the chance to fool around with some new beauty stuff.

YES, beauty—because what works in 30-degree weather simply won't fly the rest of the year. So while you're contemplating what pieces to add to your wardrobe for fall (and I know that you are), don't forget about making these little changes to your beauty routine:

1. Think: Snooki bad, Christina Hendricks good.

Okay, you probably thought that already. But what I mean here is that you probably should think about ditching the self-tanners and bronzers.

Why, just this morning I read a report about how most UK women want to look like Miss Christina (not Kate Moss). And that has to tell you something.

There's just something odd about overly tan skin when you're wearing a parka. So if the tanned look is your crutch (and I know for a lot of ladies out there it is), think about maybe just easing up a bit and seeing what you look like with a paler complexion.

2. And on that note, swap your foundations, concealers and powders for lighter shades.

What? You only have one shade of each? Unless you're a stickler with the SPF year-round, it's probably a good idea to have one darker and one lighter of each so that you can get a perfect match when your tan wears off. (Because nobody wants to see too-pale globs of concealer or that tell-tale line at your jaw.) Personally, I can get away with ivory shades in the fall and winter, but in the summer I use "warm" ivory.

3. Get a haircut. (And a real job.)

Just kidding about that last part. No, what you need is just a smidgen of a trim to get rid of the old, dry ends that probably took a beating from sun, chlorine, salt-water or heat-styling.

Plus, doesn't it always feel amazing to have a new look for fall? DO IT.

4. Treat your hair to a luxurious, hydrating masque. It will love you 4EVAH!

Seriously, it will. For the same reasons as above (it will put back moisture into summer-abused locks), getting into the routine of a weekly hair masque is a great idea.


Ones I like: Ojon's new 2-Minute Volumizing Mask (it hydrates AND volumizes), Kérastase's Chronologiste treatment and Philip Kingsley's Elasticizer.

5. If you colour your hair, consider lowlights.

Now don't be alarmed! For your blonderexics out there (I'm a recovering member), I'm not suggesting you have to suddenly become a brunette when the weather turns cool.

But the sun can bleach out your hair a bit, making the roots look that much darker when they grow in. (This happened to me when I lived in Australia and returned here—suddenly I was like, what? My roots are dark brown? When I lived there the sun bleached them to a light ash colour.)

What a few strategically placed lowlights will do is break up the solid-looking colour, blend in with your roots better and overall make your hair look more natural and pretty. For serious. (Also make sure, if you highlight, that you go to someone who highlights the same strands each time—otherwise, over time, you'll end up with solid colour, which is très horrible.)

6. Do not, I repeat, DO NOT ditch the sunscreen. Instead, layer on a more hydrating moisturizer.

Okay, you won't need that richer moisturizer quite yet—but in a month's time, yes. (And like a Girl Scout, it's always good to be prepared for that first cold weather spell.)

I'm a huge fan of Avène's line, which is also great for sensitive skin: the Hydrance Optimale with SPF 25 would be a great fall pick.

7. Deal with those pigmentation issues, yo!

If I may reference Christina Hendricks once more (sorry)—if there's one thing she's done (besides picking up where Jennifer Lopez left off regarding curviness), it's been to make us all supremely jealous of her flawless complexion.

And so, post-summer is the perfect time to get to work on any pigmentation issues you may have. Two top products I've been using (and seeing results from!) are: Clinique Even Better Skin Tone Corrector and Lumixyl Topical Brightening Creme. (I promise to do a more detailed post on these soon!)

8. Do a darker lip. (Of course.)

After a brief hiatus, I'm returning to my stance about lipsticks being WAY cooler than glosses. (Although if you must gloss, Smashbox's new O Gloss Noir—a purple colour on me—is quite lovely.)

Colour-wise, I'd go for a red or berry shade. At the high end, check out Tom Ford's new range; Revlon's new Gucci Westman-designed lipsticks are a more affordable (and still excellent) option.

9. Annnnd you probably should go darker with your nail colour, too.

I can't wait to rock out my Chanel Paradoxal (a metallic purple/grey/taupe hybrid) or the glittering navies in the Nicole by OPI Gossip Girl collection. The greys, taupes and khakis are probably the most on-trend shades this season, but honestly? Anything goes these days.


10. Switch to a sexier, heavier scent.

If you're a scent girl, you can now bust out those heavier, muskier fragrances you stashed away for the summer.

So... do you heart fall or hate it as much as I do? (Okay, maybe not hate. But I wish it would go away after, say, two months.)
What will you do to switch up your beauty routine for the cooler weather?
And on that note—have you made any fall beauty purchases already? Or just fashion ones? I bought two sweaters yesterday. Sale at Anthropologie, yo!