A Post Dedicated to Jessica Alba, Who Inexplicably is Now Following Me on Twitter

For reals!
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For reals!

I'm the last person to get excited about celebrities—even though my town will be practically teeming with them this week for the Toronto International Film Festival (or TIFF for short).

I've interviewed a few of them over the years (the Beckhams probably being the pinnacle!), and while I definitely get a little nervous before meeting them, I certainly don't want to ENGAGE with them. (Remind me to tell you about the time when David Beckham entered our conversation circle. Sheer panic!)

So it was more than a little strange to wake up this morning to an email from Twitter in my inbox, notifying me that Jessica Alba is now following me on Twitter...


Of course, I immediately figured it was one of those annoying Spam Twitterers, until I realized it was a Verified account (see that little blue checkmark?):


Gosh darn it, I thought: it's the REAL JESSICA!

And so, Jess—while I would never bother you if I ever saw you in person (are you coming to TIFF? I have no idea)—I just HAD to dedicate today's post to your quite impressive beauty IQ. (BQ?)

Because as it turns out, you're quite the beauty risk taker. Mad props!

(And, Dear Readers, you didn't REALLY want to read the same post that every other blog is writing this week about New York Fashion Week and/or the TIFF swag lounges. Did you? Both of them just started and I'm already feeling fatigued. But I promise more on that soon...)

Anyway! Here's Miss Jess looking all fresh-faced and natural with soft waves, pink lips and smudgy liner that brings out those baby browns:


Love it. This is the beauty equivalent of your favourite dark-wash jeans. Foolproof, always makes you look good, and works for almost any occasion.

Still, I can't help but love it when Jess dials things up for evening:


Slightly darker on the hair (does this woman look amazing with her hair up or what?) and WAY darker on the lips. I like the wine colour on Jessica much better than a bog standard red—it really suits her skin tone and is something YOU might consider, too, as we ease into cooler weather. And how great does that golden shadow look on her eyelids? Glam glam glam.

But our Jess will just as easily ditch that gold for turquoise:


Thoughts? I love a bit of blue or green on the eyes with an otherwise bare-ish face and plain outfit. Notice how the colour is concentrated from lash line to crease, and tempered with lots of black mascara and some brown shadow for contouring. My only wish? That the hair was pulled back. Sorry Jess, but this wavy bob looks a bit flat and wimpy. Oh, and you need some mattifying papers. (oops, two wishes!)

Before she got the bob, of course, Jess flirted with bangs for a while:


I don't know about this look. I am a great lover of bangs, in general, but there's something about these—along with the red lip—that has zapped all your sexy away, Jess.

THESE bangs (and makeup for that matter) were much better:


Of course, I can't NOT post this pic of our girl looking all bronzed up and sleek:


How's THAT for a beauty risk? It's not really my cup of tea—I think 99 percent of us look best with looser, softer updos—but her skin looks INCREDIBLE.

And that brings me to Jessica NOW. (At least I think this is the hairdo she's wearing these days. Hey Jess, drop a line in the comments if not...)


Um, she looks better than she EVER has here. I mean it. This hair is perfection: the length, the texture, the tone-on-tone toffee and caramel colours. And the makeup is my kind of makeup—obviously, she's wearing it, but you don't notice anything but gorgeous rosy cheeks, the barest tint on the lips and sparkly, subtly lined eyes.

Well done, Jess!

So tell me, guys:

Which Jessica Alba look is your favourite?
Does she inspire you to try anything new, beauty-wise?
Any celebs follow YOU on Twitter?