Orange Lips, Turbans and Slicked-Back 'Dos—Oh My!

Sorta scary trends from New York Fashion Week.
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Sorta scary trends from New York Fashion Week.

After I interrupted our regularly scheduled programming to gush about Jessica Alba last week—do you blame me?—I'm now officially ready to step up on my soapbox and start analyzing the trends coming out of the S/S '11 fashion shows.

(I know, FINALLY, right? Sorry 'bout that: Early September is always a little nutty for us media types because New York Fashion Week kicks off on the same day as the Toronto International Film Festival... PLUS my house looks like an episode out of Hoarders because it's also the busiest month for product launches too.)

Anyhoo! Let's talk trends, shall we? Because from what I've observed so far—turbans/headwraps, orange and loads of hair gel—they definitely NEED discussing.

First up, turbans.


Yes. Turbans. Or at least pretty mayjah headwraps. Here, Jason Wu took the plunge:


Just... WOW.

Vena Cava, on the other hand, did the headwrap thing—which gives the same sort of effect as a turban but is a smidgen easier to pull off:


So. It might be a bit early to declare this, but I'm thinking one of the trends we'll see is Tribal Beauty. And besides the OTT hair accessories (which I think I'll be sitting out), that also means strong colour...

Specifically ORANGE. If you weren't inspired by Prada's S/S '10 show—or my adoration of YSL's watermelon lip gloss—to pick up an orange lipstick or gloss, consider this yet another sign from the Beauty Gods.

Here are some gorge orange lips at Philosophy (notice that the shade is echoed on the lids and cheeks so it all harmonizes together nicely):


And I just adore this pale coral at Peter Som—this is the colour to get if you want to ease your way into the trend:


Okay, so maybe those aren't TOO scary, right?

Of course, if you want to go bolder, Vena Cava had the brightest oranges (to match the headwraps, natch). Still pretty though!


And finally,  our third sorta scary trend is slicked-back hair: as in NO volume, NO wispy tendrils to soften the face, NOTHING to hide behind!

Even models don't look so good this way. (Really, it's only for those with an absolutely perfect hairline and bone structure, ears that don't stick out and, of course, flawless skin.) Here's the look at BCBG Max Azria:


Other designers took a bit of a cue from the top knot that was popular this summer and did some volume at the top. Here's the (slightly more wearable) look at Suno:


And finally, a sculpted, dramatic version at Christian Siriano:


I like Christian's style the best, although I think few of us could actually pull it off!

So tell me, fashion followers—

Is the turban/headwrap a cool or crazy hair trend?
And speaking of hair, do you like to slick yours back (like these looks) or do you use it like a Hair Security Blanket? (I'm guilty as charged.)
Annnnd have I finally convinced you to try an orange lip? Just make sure to use Whitestrips first...