Go Forth and Purchase a Bright Lipstick

Any colour will do.
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Any colour will do.

Smoky eyes, you just got SERVED.

Yep, even though I've been talking about a revival for a while now, I think it's finally official: lipstick—specifically bright lipstick—has replaced the defined eye as the centre of attention on the face. (Sorry, eyeshadow—you held court for FAR too long.)

One reason I say this is because lately, I don't think I've ever seen so many beauty editors ditch the go-to smoky eyes/glossy lips combo for bold lipsticks. Which is quite something, because just like that cliché about all fashion editors wearing black, most beauty editors do NOT experiment much with makeup. (And I have proof! At an event last week, a whopping 67 percent of us wore bright lipstick. I'll be posting photos soon to show you.)

Of course, the other biggie is what's happening on the runways (duh!).

And I don't know if I've ever seen quite so many examples of bold lips in all colours—red, orange, pink, neon—this early on during fashion week.

It's all so very thrilling! Because I was getting bored of eyeshadow—weren't you?

At Tommy Hilfiger, the lips were bold, but still very wearable:


This is starter bright lipstick—the colour is a bit muted and the finish is a bit matte. I've been meaning to post about some rather excellent matte lipsticks I just discovered by Shiseido; they could definitely give you this effect. OR you could get the look by applying a regular, slightly pinky-red shade, blotting your lips with a tissue and then topping with a non-shiny balm.

At Z-Spoke by Zac Posen, the lips were shiny, '80s pink:


Yes, they're glossy, but unlike the pale glosses we've been seeing for oh, a decade now, this is a highly-pigmented gloss. And weirdly (because I've never been one for this shade of pink), I'm kind of digging it. Apparently the colour was custom-made for the show; I have a Chanel lipstick called Paris Pink which is a close match, but you'd need to apply gloss over top.

We saw at Vena Cava yesterday that it was all about orange. Here, sans headwrap, are the orange lips paired with a darker eye:


So no, all those years you spent honing your smoky eye skillz did NOT go to waste. For evening, they're going to look great paired with a bright lip. (I strongly suggest the orange shown here, because red with a smoky eye kind of veers off into vampy territory...)

And I have the PERFECT shade to recommend as well! It's from the new Revlon Colorburst line and it's called Coral. Try it!

Now, the Warhol-inspired neon pink lips at Diane von Furstenberg won't be for everyone:


But I seriously heart them. We've been seeing a version of this look on the runways for a few seasons now (at Bottega Veneta and Giambattista Valli, for example). The thing to remember with shocking lip colours is that you need to pair them with a bare, fresh face. It also helps if you are a 16-year-old Eastern European model.

Lacoste did a similar look, but with neon orange instead of pink:


Same principle here, notice? You really can't detect much other makeup except great skin and maybe a hint of mascara and blush.

The last look is a Gothic black lip from Y-3—told you there were all kinds of colours! This is pretty unusual for spring:


And it's also very, very hard to wear for non-model types. To get a sort of similar but MUCH more flattering look, I'd go with a deep wine colour like the Joe Fresh lip crayon in Wine (see it on me in this vid).

So, tell me:

Have you hopped on board the lipstick train yet?
Which of these shades is your favourite?
Not the black. PLEASE not the black.