Ditch Your Brush, Embrace the Frizz and Part your Hair Down the Middle

Take a cue from New York Fashion Week.
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Take a cue from New York Fashion Week.

One of my all-time favourite beauty quotes is from Calvin Klein: “The best thing is to look natural, but it takes makeup to look natural.” A LOT of makeup, I might add.

And you better believe that the same goes for hair. You know that textured, disheveled, slightly frizzy look that's been popular lately? Well, according to the Powers that Be that dictate the trends at New York Fashion Week, it's still in style... BIG TIME.

Just be prepared: you'll probably need to spend a lot of time styling, teasing, and applying products in order to look like you just rolled out of bed.

(Sorry. I didn't say beauty always made sense.)

Another trend that's resurfacing in a major way (as it always does every few seasons) is the centre part. Look and learn, ladies...

Here is perhaps my favourite look of all, from Custo Barcelona:


It's definitely got texture, but not so much that you're going to get asked if you own a hairbrush. There's some gentle teasing around the crown to get a bit of height, and the rest of the hair is just rocking a hint of natural frizz—as if she air-dried it without putting in any products. Easy peasy.

However, if even that's too much for you, then the clean, natural hair at Tommy Hilfiger should be up your alley:


To me, this looks like a Regular Person Blow-Dry—with no products, nothing. Just swingy, healthy-looking, not-too-perfect hair. We can do this!

Along the same lines: the hair at Charlotte Ronson, which features braids that peek out from the under-layers:


Peter Som featured a more gritty, piecey texture—but unless your hair is naturally wavy, achieving this will be a bit more work:


You know the drill: loose, dropped-out curls with a curling iron, then lots of texturizing products to mess 'em up and make it look like you were born that way.

Ignoring the ghostly makeup for a second, I REALLY dig the hair at Cushnie et Ochs:


You can tell this chick has fine, straight hair but MAN does it have texture (see? not an oxymoron). I'm thinkin' this was achieved by teasing the layers underneath to get some volume, but leaving the top very flat.

Just like I warned against copying Y-3's lipstick yesterday, I must caution you against replicating this hair:


There is such thing as too much texture. That is all.

And last of all... I have good news if you're the kind of gal who usually just scrapes her hair back into a loose, ratty ponytail or bun. (Oh HAI!) This very look is now—wait for it—stylish.

Check out the messy, flyaway low ponytails out at Doo.Ri—this is pretty much what my hair looks like when I wake up in the morning:


Rag & Bone did messy buns. Who knew it was so easy to be on trend?


And if you want to get a little more fancy...relatively speaking, of course... Ohne Titel put a new twist on the ponytail:


What do YOU think about these hairstyles?
Would you prefer something a bit more sleek?
Or do you feel happy that it's now socially acceptable to walk around with bedhead?