Marc Jacobs is Channelling the Seksi '70s for Spring

Forget Mad Men—it's all about big frizzy hair and deep, glammy makeup.
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Forget Mad Men—it's all about big frizzy hair and deep, glammy makeup.

Oh my gosh! Sometimes beauty rules are made to be broken.

Like this one: always emphasize your eyes, or lips, but not both.

Riiiight. Clearly that one's about to get tossed out the window, thanks to Marc Jacobs and his reinvention of '70s disco glamour. It's just about the antithesis of the prim and proper Mad Menlook that's been kicking around for the past few seasons (and which Marc showcased in his collection last time around).

Think: glammy, smoky, glittery eyes. Deep, wine-coloured lips. And big hair. Very big hair.

Comme ça:


Do you love?

I think it's super pretty and personally can't wait to have an excuse to go all OTT on my makeup. Ha!

All of it was by NARS and they even went so far as to bleach out the models' brows. (You don't have to go that far.)

But you CAN grab this look with the new NARS Volga Pure Matte Lipstick (now on counters at The Bay) or African Queen Lip Liner Pencil. On the eyes, they used Night Porter Eyeshadow. And of course, you probably already own the blush in Orgasm.

Notice how the models' hair varied in curliness:


That's because Redken's Guido Palau did three different variations of tight waves. (We can just do one.) The key, however, is BRUSHING OUT those waves. I keep hearing hair experts talk about the brushing step... so trust that the look is going to be a pretty major trend.

And how pretty is it to pin your hair into a deep side part and adorn it with a (real or faux) flower? Gorgeous.


Side note: for a daytime version of this look, check out the girls at Ports 1961:


The hair is similarly big and wavy—but the makeup is waaaay toned down, although still glamourous. (Also notice all the BROWNS, another trend we've been seeing since Chanel's spring '10 show this time last year.)

What do you think about the Marc Jacobs hair and makeup?
Or do you prefer the less OTT Ports 1961 version?
Do you like this disco fever thing or are you still having a Joan Holloway moment? I'm having an extended Don Draper moment...