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The Top 10 Beauty Looks at TIFF 2010

Hair and makeup that you should think about copying.
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Annnnd it's a wrap! The curtain closed on this year's TIFF—Toronto International Film Festival—yesterday, which means all the celebs have peaced out and bid us farewell for another year. (But Jon Hamm, feel free to visit anytime! Call me!)

You know what it also means? Forget the films—it's time to hand out some awards of our own for the best celebrity beauty looks.

Have a looksie, and then let me know who YOU think nailed it vs. failed it...

Coming in at #10 is Miss Blake Lively:


Poor Blakey, she just barely made it on the list, and purely because I like her bold choice of lipstick. But wowza—she needs some hair serum and a brush, and maybe to tell her makeup artist to ease up on the bronzer and gold eyeshadow. Those lips and lashes would look so much nicer with fresh, pale skin (and a chic chignon, perhaps).

#9 is Megan Fox:


Now, surgery or not, there's no denying the Poor Man's Angelina Jolie is a beautiful woman. But as I've said before, I much prefer her when she tones down the seksi (like she did in her Allure shoot). Still, her makeup is pretty good here (it's Armani!), although perhaps a tad too waxy on the foundation...

Natalie Portman is #8:


Not altogether loving the hair, but the makeup? Is superb. I dream of achieving those perfect gray smokies, set off by a barely-there mauve lip and hint of blush. Natalie always, always gets her makeup right, don't you think? So fresh.

I want to put #7, Carey Mulligan, in my pocket:


I'm not a short hair person, but even I can appreciate how excellent this hair cut is, what with the long, side-swept bangs. The makeup is a study in lavenders—and there's a lesson here. I think we tend to overdo it sometimes with the heavy shadow, lips and blush. This makeup proves that there is another way: dressed up with some liner and lots of mascara (and/or false lashes), you CAN go with a fairly low-key look like this on the rest of your face. Love it!

Notice anything different about #6, Alexis Bledel?


She's gone red! I love this shade on her, although the dark brunette was pretty too (it perhaps made her eyes and skin stand out a bit more). Here we see the lavender again on the eyelids, although I'm not blown away with the rest of the makeup, to be honest (or the hair style, for that matter). But props on the new colour, Alexis!

Speaking of hair, Rachel Weisz (#5) should be in commercials:


Pantene, how come you haven't tapped this woman? I have no idea what she's using, but holy hairdryers—this is the shiniest mane I've seen in a loooong time. When your hair is this thick and healthy-looking, you don't really need to do much with it in terms of styling (provided you've got a great cut as the foundation, which Rachel obviously does). Her makeup's good too; the tried-and-true brown smokey eye plus lip gloss combo really suits her. Also note her highly covetable brows.

Malin Akerman brings us to #4:


Probably less than 5 percent of us can pull off a hairstyle this unforgiving. But when you can, like Miss Malin here, there's no better way to show off perfect, perfect skin. Will you look at her forehead? These pics are NOT re-touched, and you can tell she's not wearing any thick or cakey foundation. My goodness! Je suis jalouse. I'm also impressed by her feline eye makeup—notice how the liner is all the way around the eye.

Jennifer Connelly (#3) shows off a different tack on the eyeliner:


So simple but so stunning, right? It's just a purple liner applied to the inside of the lower rims (a twist on the trick Body Shop makeup artist Chase Aston showed me a while back). I love this idea for evening because you don't really need much other makeup, but you still look dressed-up. The pulled-back hair keeps the focus on the eyes.

I saw Eva Mendes, our #2, on Friday night...


She was sitting at the next table and, like all celebs, was impossibly tiny and perfect in person. This photo was taken later in the weekend and she looks just as gorgeous with the strong brows, long lashes, nude lips and peachy blush. (It's kinda her signature, you know?) And I'm not sure if this was a nod to what's happening on the runways right now, but the softly backcombed hair gives her a nice bit of volume at the roots.

And now... my pick for #1 just has to be Camilla Belle:


I've been talking a lot about eyebrows today, and so it has to be said that Camilla's are just THE BEST. As is her skin: it rivals Malin's in absolute flawlessness. The hair (which is as glossy as Rachel's) is loosely curled but not "done". And that's the theme for her makeup too—all I can really see is some mascara and lipstick. She doesn't need anything else! The rest of us have to work a little harder... but as you can see here, it certainly pays off to take great care of your a) skin and b) hair. A little brow pencil won't hurt either.

So tell me what you think...

Which TIFF look was your fave?
Who do you think should fire their makeup artist and/or hairstylist?
Did you have any celeb spottings of your own? If you saw Jon Hamm and forgot to call me, I'm really not sure if we can be friends anymore...