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It's Time for Your Eyeshadow to Go Big or Go Home

Side of glitter optional.
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Goodbye, pastels! It was fun while it lasted.

That's the message I'm getting from S/S '11 fashion week so far, whether we're talking about lipsticks or, in this case, eyeshadow.

Spring makeup has, in the past, tended to be a mash-up of pale pinks, mauves, baby blues, mint greens, etc.—all very soft and delicate and fragile... and quite frankly, barely detectable on your skin upon application. BOR-ing.

Now? It's all about bold, highly-saturated pigments. If you're going to bother with putting colour on your face at all, you need to be deliberate about it. GO BIG OR GO HOME, basically.

Not to knock the gorgeous orange eyeshadows (which were really lip colours) that we talked about last week, but I think Oscar de la Renta's dreamy greens are perfection:


Reasons why this looks so awesome:

1. The strongest concentration of colour is from the lash line to the crease, and then it's softly diffused out, all the way around the eye, including below the lower lashes (a look which I LOVE).

2. The green is grounded by mascara and liner in brownish-black, and the liner is along the waterlines of the eyes. (Outside the waterlines just never looks quite as good when you're doing this much colour.)

3. There is NO GLOSS. Even that would've been too much, too Trying Too Hard. The texture here looks like a tinted lip balm—very modern and low-key.

4. The shade—which is actually a blend of TWO shades—happens to be from Revlon. Yes, Revlon. Now THAT is all kinds of awesome.

Makeup artist Gucci Westman finger-blended together Revlon's Matte Eyeshadow in Venetian Blue...

...with the bright green shade from Revlon’s ColorStay 12 Hour Eyeshadow Quad in Silver Fox, which I believe comes out later this fall. (Sorry I can't find an image!)


You could get a similar look with perhaps something like this:

Also notice how they played around with the application. Above, it was all the way around the eyes, but here it's just on the top lids with the eyeliner standing out more underneath the eyes:



If you're really feeling brave—and have this particular eye shape—you could work a brighter look like this:


And lest you think green shadow is just a one-off, it was also spotted at a few other London shows. Here it is at Betty Jackson:


And here's the Giles version with bonus glitter. (Please don't try the glitter.)

Do you agree that green eyeshadow can be surprisingly pretty?
It's no surprise that green glitter, on the other hand, is flattering on nobody.
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