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'Mad Men'-Inspired Beauty is Here To Stay

Just look at Katie Holmes, Anne Hathaway and AnnaLynne McCord.
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As I was telling a friend last night, I've recently slowed down in my mad (zing!) rush to get caught up on Mad Men episodes. I just feel like I'll go through them all too quickly, and then it will be over and I will be sad.

Clearly, others are thinking this way too. Especially when it comes to beauty. Even though Marc Jacobs—among other designers—is telling us the '60s are over and it's all about the '70s now, I'm not sure we're there yet.

The most recent proof? The stylin' at yesterday's Power of Women Luncheon in Beverly Hills. It was your basic celeb-fest, but with a surprising absence of fake tans, bronzer, hair extensions (at least detectable ones) or anything overtly sexy. This delights me, it really does!

Let's take a closer look at Katie Holmes, who has done a complete 180 lately and finally looks like A GIRL again. Yay!

First of all, it's rather thrilling in itself to see her actually wearing makeup and with longer hair again. (I was NOT a fan of that boyish phase she went through.)


And now, how wonderful that she's taken the feminine thing to the max with the flushed cheeks, rosy lips and side-parted, curled-under hair. It's just perfect with that floral dress: a nod to vintage but because the hair is a little loose and her skin is very fresh, it's not TOO literal. Well done, Katie! Nice to have you back.

Anne Hathaway also cleans up real nice:


It's the same formula, you see? Mostly about the lips, a bit of blush, and then side-parted hair, tucked behind one ear, and with a gentle wave.

I think this means we need to become better friends with our hot rollers again, as opposed to those beachy flat-iron curls that have been in style for, oh, at least 5+ years now (Zzzzzzz). Here are the ones I use, from Conair:

Make sure you spray each section with hairspray before you curl, to help it set. Teasing can also be your friend, as long as you don't do it on a daily basis (it's too damaging). You can follow James Vides' how-to (and see it on me) here.


Finally, we have AnnaLynne McCord, who must have had some kind of major beauty overhaul, because she's looking aMAZing lately:


Another excellent '60s interpretation, and probably not the one you were expecting what with the matte, pale lips and sweep of black eyeliner. To get these lips there is really only one product I can recommend, and I just adore it:


It's called Shiseido Perfect Rouge Tender Sheer in shade #PK 224 and it is the most perfect matte pink that I've ever tried. It will not make your lips look dead, nor is it drying. Just soft, pale, un-shiny pink.

To get the hair, you obviously need to tease it at the crown—just make sure you do it underneath the uppermost layer so that the top part looks very smooth.

Tell me:

Which of these celebs did the vintage vibe best?
Are you a fan of '60s-inspired beauty or are you ready for a new decade to inspire you?
Does it feel like we've been recycling the '60s and '70s FOREVAH or what?