Lanvin Makes a Case for Latisse, Which Arrives Next Month in Canada

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There is a curse in my family, and it involves eyelashes.

Specifically, the female members of the clan all have relatively pale, ordinary lashes that are neither long nor thick and require copious amounts of mascara. Meanwhile, the men—yes, the MEN—uniformly enjoy dark, thick, luscious eyelashes that go on for miles and seem to have a natural curl, even.

It is a cruel joke, no? And I was reminded of said joke when I saw these pics from the Lanvin show, which demonstrate that lashes—just lashes—can be all you need to "dress up" your face. GIMME!


Ridonkulously gorgeous, right? There is not much of a brow (I suspect some of the models had theirs bleached out to heighten the contrast, which you may or may not want to try at home). There is not much of a lip either—perhaps just something like the (incredible, amazing) Shiseido pink matte lipstick I was talking up on Friday. The cheeks and lids have only a gentle flush of colour.

No, it is really only about the lashes—and the swipe of liner at the root of the upper lash line, which you should always, always employ when wearing falsies (which these are):


I can't get enough of this look because it meets my criteria of being low-key and Not Trying Too Hard... but at the same time, it's still special and glamorous.

HOWEVER. You know what? Despite being eyelash-challenged, I was never very good at applying false eyelashes. I suspect most of us aren't. I tried them a few times as a newbie beauty ed, but now I don't bother. (Unless a professional is doing the job, of course—check out my pal Katherine's stunning application courtesy of Murale. Hubba hubba!)

So all of this makes me mighty tempted by the news that Latisse is coming to Canada this November. Finally!

Latisse is a prescription lash growth product that our American friends have been enjoying for oh, a few years now. But Health Canada has at last approved it and you'll be able to hit up your doc for some next month. Besides making lashes longer (which it definitely does—beauty ed Julia has been trialling it for a few months and wowza her lashes are long), it also makes them thicker and darker. Maybe you already know that Claire Danes is a spokesperson—and looking pretty darn hawt these days, I've gotta say. And get this: in the U.S., it's the number one asethetic treatment, with 75 percent of users planning to use it long-term.

Now, if you're concerned at all with the scary talk about the stuff changing your eye colour (if you have blue eyes), listen up! I did a post a while back on Lumigan, which is a glaucoma treatment and the exact same formulation as Latisse. (The lash growth was discovered as a side effect, leading to the development of Latisse—but since it wasn't available until now, Canadians have been able to use Lumigan off-label as a lash treatment. I suspect that will end now though, since we'll have the real thing.)

Anyway, while Lumigan is inserted as drops INTO the eye, for lash growth, you're applying the liquid (whether Lumigan, or now Latisse) along THE ROOT of the lashes. But those tricky scientists! The studies that showed a change in eye colour were done the first way—with people putting the drops into their eyes. Which you are most definitely NOT going to do. And even then, the incidence of iris darkening was only 1.5 percent.

So I'm thinkin' the concern is pretty minor, although of course you should talk to your doctor about this if you do go for a prescription.

The one downside of Latisse is that it's damn pricey—around $150 for a month's supply, I'm told. (Although just think: you won't have to wear any other makeup!)

Another option: you could always try your luck with a lash-enhancing mascara. A few options are here, and Lancôme Hypnôse Precious Cells is the newest:

So tell me...

What do you think of the Lanvin lashes?
Are you good with falsies or do you think you might want to try Latisse?
Is $150 a month just crazy talk... or worth it for not having to bother with mascara or eye makeup?