The Lip Colour That Flatters Everyone, Whether Glossy or Matte

As seen at Fashion Week.
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As seen at Fashion Week.

If you've been following along with the fashion week coverage here, you might be a tad apprehensive about just how many lip colours I've been throwing at you lately. There were the slick, vinyl-finish red lips at Gucci. The pretty poppies at Twenty8Twelve. The simple nudes at Versace and D&G. Neon pinks at Diane von Furstenberg. And orange, well, pretty mucheverywhere.

So let's say you don't want to play that game and you just want ONE gorgeous and versatile update for your lipstick drawer. Is there such thing as a universally flattering lip colour?

Why yes, yes there is! And that colour happens to be...


Unlike reds, you don't have to worry about the whole warm vs. cool thing with berries. Nor is there the danger of looking weirdly corpse-like, which is a common complaint with nudes and pale pinks. Plus, a berry is never going to clash or look garish. Simply put: they look good on everyone because they're a deeper, more intense shade of your natural lip colour. That's right: you, only better.

YSL, as you may know, has had an enduring love affair with this shade—remember the deep, almost-black version from a few seasons ago? This time, it was a decidedly more wearable (read: lighter) version, at least from what I'm seeing in these photos. Also note: this shade looks fantastic whether it's dripping with gloss (above) or in an understated matte (below):


See how it flatters ALL different skin tones?


And yes, it's another Pat McGrath custom mix, made not from a shade we can actually BUY, but from several different pigments. (On my To Do list: find something similar! If anyone has any recos, leave 'em in the comments...)

Whatever you end up using, DO use a lip brush to apply it, paying careful attention to getting a soft, rounded shape like this:


I also think it's quite fresh again to actually MATCH your lip colour to your nails. Here, the shade (which you can see on the 2nd model from the top) is YSL La Laque #40, from last year's fall collection—check out the shade here.

And just an aside—if we can talk about hair for a moment—how cool are these French rolls (at YSL)?


Not that I could ever hope to replicate them myself. At Givenchy, the berry lips were matte and paired with this almost Medieval-looking hair:


The blonde is actually my favourite—doesn't she look straight out of a fairy tale?


So let's discuss...

Are you a fan of berry lips?
Do you like ones at Givenchy or YSL?
Got any shade recommendations, pretty please? (I know, I know, I'm supposed to be giving those to YOU, aren't I? Come on... help a beauty editor out!)