Chanel's Smoky Eyes and the Next Must-Have Nail Polish Shade

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So the show we've all been waiting for has FINALLY arrived. Yesterday was the debut of Chanel's S/S '11 collection, and by all accounts (and my Twitter feed), the fashion pack is over the moon.

And the beauty pack? (Why doesn't anyone use that expression, by the way?) I've gotta be honest—as far as the hair and makeup goes, I'm sort of torn on this one.

First of all, I love this slightly shimmery, greenish gray eyeshadow. But I'm just not sure about the heavy-handed application. (I know, I know, it's for the runway—so they have to be dramatic. For Real Life we could make it stop at the crease and it would be 247 percent less man-repelling.)

The hair, too, perplexes me. I haven't said anything about this whole "scuba hair" trend that's been surfacing—mostly because I had hoped it wasn't actually going to be a Real Trend—but it appears I'm going to have to address it. Slick, wet-looking, stuck-to-your-scalp hair is apparently "a thing"—and Chanel did theirs with the addition of what I assume is eyeliner, drawn straight down the centre part-line.



I DO love this youthful pink lip though, and actually, the models who got to wear dangly earrings and fancy ponytail feathers made everything much more palatable:


From the side profile, it's seksi, right?

But enough about that—the REAL reason you're still reading this post is because of the nail polish. And as I'm sure you know, Chanel is the Ruler of All Nail Polish Trends. That colour you're wearing right now? Whether it be baby blue or taupe or nude or navy or purple (you get my drift), at some point Chanel declared that it would be in style.

So without further ado, here's a first look at the nails on the runway...


UK-based nail artist Sophy Robson (who you should definitely follow if you care about nail trends) tweeted a closer-up pic of the colour, which appears to be a metallic green (some pics make it look more grey-green, others, like the below, look more forest green):


And thanks to French Vogue, we have this shot of the bottle:


As you can see, the shade is called Black Pearl, and if I know my Chanel marketing calendar (and I hope I do after all these years!), it should hit stores sometime in January. Quite possibly there will be a waiting list. You've been warned.

So what say you?

How do you feel about metallic green nails?
How do you feel about metallic green eyelids?
I'm not even going to ASK how you feel about drawing eyeliner down your part-line. Sorry Chanel, not even you can make that one fly.