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Makeup Artist Reza Zaimeche Shares His Makeup Tips

What foundation you should be using... and whether you really CAN wear orange.
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His name is Reza Zaimeche and he boasts the fancy-sounding title of International Face Director for Giorgio Armani Cosmetics, which basically means that he's a really, really good makeup artist and gets to fly around the world doing so.

And a few weeks ago, he flew his stylish self (it's been a while since I've seen a man this well-accessorized) to Toronto for the celebration of the brand's 10th anniversary. Can you believe this line has only been around for 10 years? Luminous Silk Foundation, it feels like I've know you forevah.

And speaking of foundations—since we've been discussing them A LOT this week—this video chat with me n' Reza (and a couple of otherbeauty gals whose voices you may recognize) is rather timely. Because he has some strong opinions not only on how to choose the right shade and type, but also whether you need to factor in your skin tone when choosing your lipstick or eyeshadow. Even more entertaining are his rants on what NOT to do.

Here's the video:

And here's a quick rundown of the products he mentioned...

The Luminous Silk Foundation is the original foundation in the line and still considered by the people in the biz to be the best. It's completely buildable and is suitable for all skin types:

However, if you have particularly oily skin, the same formula is available in a matte version, which is the Lasting Silk Foundation:


If your skin's really good, Reza says you can just apply the Fluid Master Primer...


...with the High Precision Retouch Concealer (I think I got the image wrong in the vid, sorry):

Fluid Sheer is kind of a wonder product that can be worn alone or mixed with your foundation to add radiance or change the colour ever-so-slightly (like from winter to summer when your face has more of a tan, for example). You can also use it as a makeup base. It was an InStyle magazine Best Beauty Buy!


The Face Fabric Foundation is the newest in the line (it launched this spring) and is for the woman who doesn't like the feel of foundation—it's extremely lightweight but definitely perfects the skin!


And yes, all of this stuff is mad expensive, but you know what? Even though people say you can invest in some makeup items and save on others, once you've tried, well, anything from Giorgio Armani, it's damn hard to go back to the drugstore stuff. The textures and pigments are Just. That. Incredible. Sorry for being an enabler, but it's true.

Have you ever tried any of these products?
Do you agree with Reza's advice?
Do you think people in Japan who may be watching this are offended that Reza said they all have pimples and wear cakey makeup? I hope not. He told us he thinks it's because they eat too much raw fish. off on the sushi?