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Hilary Duff Wears Brown Eyeshadow Like a Champ

I'm not going to read her book, but I WILL take some cues from her makeup.
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It's a big week in the literary world, peoples! Both Hilary Duff AND Lauren Conrad are touring to promote their new books... and please note that I use the word "their" very loosely here. (Let's just say that I hope the ghostwriters got paid handsomely. I wonder what the going rate will be for Snooki's forthcoming tome. Yowza!)

But nevermind. Even though I write for a living and have yet to publish any books of my own, I'm not jealous of THAT, obviously. Just the fact that Hilary Duff has the raddest brown eyeshadow I've ever seen.

And for that reason—and also because I've tired of the winged-out eyeliner that LC ALWAYS does—I dedicate this post to you, Hilary. Because we have much to learn from your beauty wizardry.

Here's a closer look at Hil (at Regis & Kelly yesterday):


I think I stared at this photo for a good five minutes, just taking it all in. Her makeup—isn't it absolutely masterful?

Obviously the focus is on the eyes, and as you can see, Hilary didn't listen to that line about having to wear shades that compliment your eye colour. If you watched my video interview with Giorgio Armani's Reza Zaimeche the other day, you will know that there are no rules anymore regarding colour. So basically, we can wear whatever we want! And what *I* want now are these shimmering browns. Don't you?

The smoky brown eye is like the nude heel in your wardrobe. Goes with everything, instantly flattering and as sexy as black but without the harshness.

How it was done: After prepping with an eyeshadow primer and concealer at the inner and outer corners of the eyes (Pandora's Makeup Box does both jobs with one product), you want to sweep a soft, sheer taupe (medium-to-light brown with a bit of pink in it) from the lash line right up to the crease. If you love browns, then you simply cannot live without a Bobbi Brown palette:


To get that soft, diffused effect that extends up above the crease, take your eyeshadow brush and rock it back and forth along the bone there. (A good-quality eyeshadow is also important, because the colours are usually more sheer and blendable than cheapie drugstore stuff. Sorry.)

Then, you'll want to use a darker colour—either a dark brown shadow or eyeliner, or both, to line the upper and lower lashlines. Hilary kept it soft, soft, soft and didn't do the waterline thing here. (When you use light browns, tightlining isn't as necessary as when you use black liner, since there isn't as much of a contrast between the liner and your inner eyelid colour.)

The finishing touch to the eye makeup—besides groomed brows and lots of black (not brown) mascara—is the highlighter. Some makeup artists say that adding highlighter to the brow bones is sort of dated, but when I see how it looks on our Hil, I don't care. It's pretty! Hers is QUITE shimmery, and the reason it works is because of the expert blending; it looks like a gradual, natural extension of the eye makeup. I always mention my fave Dior shimmery nude, waterproof shadow, so I'll mention it here again, because it will definitely allow you to get this look:


Other things to notice about Hil's glorious makeup: The SKIN! It's perfectly even, and more on the matte side (a good call when you have shimmer going on—a dewy look would be overkill). For this you will need a primer fo' sho'... and consider trying Giorgio Armani's matte foundation.

Also: the BLUSH! It's not pink but peach—almost a flat bronzer-type colour, and it is applied high on the cheekbones sweeping up to the temples. Very pretty when your hair is up and off your face. And the LIPS! They are nude and glossy, which is smart because it balances the shimmer going on around the eyes. (But shimmery blush would've been wrong. Do you see?)

NOW. Obviously this is Hilary's go-to book tour look because she rocked the very same thing at another book signing event the day before:


What she did differently here (besides the hair, which is an excellent example of the highly wearable Ombré 2.0):

She darkened her eyebrows. She defined her eyes some more by swapping the medium taupe shade with a darker brown one, which was applied with more emphasis on the outer corners. She skipped the shimmery highlighter and instead went for a tightlining effect all the way around the upper and lower lashlines. (If you need product recos for tightlining, this is the post for you.) And the lips are a nude lipstick, not gloss.

Little changes, yes, but see how they switched up the look so it's more dramatic and edgy?

We can all do this. YES WE CAN!


Which book tour look do you prefer on Hilary?
Do you agree that her use of the brown colour family is simply masterful?
Will you be reading Elixir? Tee hee.