60 Seconds with Diane Kruger, the Face of Calvin Klein Beauty

Watch and gawk.
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Watch and gawk.

You want to hate Diane Kruger, you really do. Mostly because she bagged Pacey, I mean Joshua Jackson, who clearly ADORES her. Remember these pics from Diane's visit to the Genie Awards in Toronto back in April? Our boy Joshua—with Diane by his side AND a Genie for his performance in the movie One Week—looks like the cat who ate the canary. And why wouldn't he? His girlfriend is gorgeous, accomplished and most recently snagged herself a bajillion-dollar contract with Calvin Klein to promote their newest fragrance, Beauty.

If you'll recall, Beauty was one of my top 10 bestest fall fragrances. Guys, it's really, really lovely. Even if you're not a typical floral fragrance lover, you'll appreciate this one. It's not a "smack-you-over-the-head" type of scent... just elegant and pretty and like Diane says in the video, suitable for just about anyone.

What? A video! Yes—I've got Diane Kruger on tape talking to ME. And YOU GUYS!

(Okay, so I wasn't there in person. And it's not quite as thrilling as the time I interviewed the Beckhams—and David, in responding to one of my questions, actually Said. My. Name. Out. Loud. I will keep that cassette tape forevah!)

Anyway! I got the chance to ask Diane a couple of "exclusive" questions about fragrance—just for BeautyEditor.ca readers alone—so that's kinda cool, right?

Here's the video:

And here's a recent pic of Diane and her fellow honorees at the ELLE Women in Hollywood event—how adorable is this woman?


Have you had the pleasure of smelling Calvin Klein Beauty yet?
Are you a Diane Kruger fan?
Or is Pacey more your cup of tea?