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The Top Celebrity Hair Changes Lately

With the exception of Taylor and RiRi, I'm not sure I approve.
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Taylor Swift reads here. (No? Okay, maybe I'm mixing her up with Jessica Alba. No really. Somewhat inexplicably, she followed me on Twitter.) Anyway, I am almost certain that somebody alerted Taylor to my post the other day about how she's in a beauty rut and I wish to see her in straight hair and less makeup immediately.

So the makeup thing might take a while—fine, I can live with that. But at the American Music Awards the other night, lo and behold, the T-Swizzle turned up with not only the straight hair of my dreams (because people with naturally straight hair can never get this much body) but also eye-grazing bangs.

It's a little bit '60s, a little bit like a cross between Brigitte Bardot and Jean Shrimpton... and I adore it. Please, Taylor, PLEASE keep this look. Or at least wear it once for every three of your favourite side-parted, curly-haired, heavy-eyeliner and red lip outings.

Tayls wasn't the only celeb whose hair I admired at the AMAs. In a bizarre twist—because until now, I would never have dreamed of endorsing burgundy hair or a halo of curls, especially not TOGETHER—I am giving Rihanna props for her 'do:


I suppose it's not a huge leap to say that I like this much, much better than the flaming red hair and Three Stooges-style undercut that she was sporting back in the spring.

But really? I do think this is an awesome, modern look. The curls are not too tight and just the right shape, with the volume correctly tapering down at the ends. Because you know the "halo" is a tricky one: just one false move and you're into Richard Simmons territory.

And the colour—which is surprisingly flattering with her skin tone—says "I'm a pop star!" without being too outrageous. (Note: the green eyeshadow is a nice touch. I bow down to you, RiRi, I really do.)

As for the other celebs who debuted changes in hair style or colour or both at the AMAs—I wasn't so impressed.

You will know if you read my tribute to Mandy Moore's many excellent hair transformations that I am usually a major, major fan of her hair. But this ashy hue left me truly on the fence:


Now, hear me out: it's still very pretty on her. And I've been hearing inklings that ashy tones are sort of a new thing in hair colourist circles. (Jessica Biel recently went ashy, and when I was in for my Ombré, the boyz at Hair on the Avenue were cooing about it.)

But I can't help it. As I mentioned in this piece about choosing the right hair colour, I just like warmer tones. At least for people with skin tones like Mandy's (and mine), who can go either way. Apparently one of the things that happens as you get older—along with other fun stuff like wrinkles and saggy knees—is that your hair gets more and more ashy. So a warmer tone should immediately make you look a little bit younger, brighter, glow-ier. (Not to mention that ashy is synonymous with mousy which is synonymous with BO-RING.)

See how Mandy's skin seems a bit washed out here? I rest my case.

Now let's talk about Miley Cyrus, who to me always looks like a little kid playing dress-up, and who has decided, against my advice, to put her extensions back in:


Technically, there is no real problem here. Despite the fact that we all know these are extensions, her hair actually looks to be in pretty great condition: silky-soft, pretty colour and those Hollywood-style dropped-out waves.

I just don't think it's particularly stylish is all.

I mean, at least Lauren Conrad—another extensions addict—has a beautiful Ombré colour (although I think she just went even darker, which I also approve of). Miley is kind of stuck in 2005. I long for something a bit grittier, a bit edgier, a little less grown-up and "perfect." Know what I mean?

Speaking of LC, here's Whitney Port, whose hair (and makeup) is making her look 25 going-on 35... or even 45...


Overall this look says to me: "I didn't wash my hair today and I also applied my makeup eight hours ago."

Right? There's just something about it that's not very fresh. Perhaps the colour is also to blame—I really prefer Whitney as a brighter blonde. Also, there is something to be said for not veering too far away from your personal style. I love Whit when she channels a more Boho California vibe, with her hair down and not too polished. This isn't working for me.

And then we have yet another in the long list of celebs who do not listen to my beauty advice (which makes me love Taylor all the more). Kelly Osbourne, on the heels of my praise for her feature-flattering blonde colour (complete with cute hairband and red lippie) walked the red carpet with this abomination:


What on earth...?

Seriously, this is like 1990s TV anchorwoman hair times one thousand. I get that you want volume and body and texture, Kelly, but please—not like this. Also: the layers. You have too many. Not modern at all, dude.

And last of all, we have Kesha—or is it Ke$ha—who, let's face it, is permanently on my Beauty Don't list.


It is too bad that this happened after Halloween, no? (And quick comment on the blue lips: apparently they are ALSO a thing. I spotted some at a party the other night. Beauty trends never cease to amaze.)


Did you watch the AMAs?
Are you as pleased with Taylor's new hair as I am?
What about the others—do you love? Do you hate? Wish you could get at them with a flat iron, scissors or box of hair dye?