Evening Glam is Now About Low-Key Makeup and Undone Hair

But Kim Kardashian did not get the memo.
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But Kim Kardashian did not get the memo.

The purpose of this post is not to knock Kim Kardashian—not really. Because I think she's an incredibly beautiful woman and for those of us with a little extra junk in our trunks, it's a wonderful thing that she is proudly waving the curvy girl flag, like Jennifer Lopez years before her.

But Kim, honey—seriously. Do you think you could wear any more makeup? Your latest red carpet appearance, complete with a kajillion false lashes, thick, waxy-looking foundation and goopy, glossy lips is dangerously close to entering drag queen territory. We can't see any of your real, natural prettiness under there. (And I shudder to think what it takes to remove all that goop. Perhaps you should consider the Oil Cleansing Method, Kim.)

Besides, if you look at what practically every other celebrity is doing on the red carpet lately (well, except for ol' Swifty, but let's consider the AMAs a good start), the cool thing to do now for evening is to be SUPER LOW-KEY with your hair and makeup.

Let me show you what I mean with this pic of the stupidly, ridiculously hot 48-year old Demi Moore:


Here, in a nutshell, is what the look is all about: Shiny, healthy, loose, smooth but not "styled"-looking hair. Gorgeous, radiant, slightly dewy skin. And most importantly, subtle, subtle makeup. (Just like Kate Middleton's engagement look.)

So many of us, when we're thinking about an evening look, reach for one of two things: the bright lip or the defined (smoky or winged-out) eye.

But it doesn't have to be that way—at least not all the time. A bare-ish face and undone hair can be a wonderful contrast against a dressy evening look. In fact, the sexier/sparklier your outfit is, I would argue that the more low-key you should go with hair and makeup.

Let's take a look at a few more examples. Here's Emmy Rossum, who I always find annoying to look at because she has this cat-who-swallowed-the-canary expression, but who I must admit has nailed this look:


As you may recall, I usually dislike too-tight updos, so this one gets top marks from me.

But really, the look is all about her skin. And beautiful skin it is! No Eagle here—just an ethereal glow with the barest flush of peach that is echoed on the lips.

The thing is, it's actually quite a bit of work to do "no makeup" makeup, so I will now direct you to this post on how to do minimal makeup without looking like a hot mess. And also check out these tips on getting the best result with your foundation, because that is KEY.

AnnaLynne McCord went for a more matte version of the look. Clearly the girl loves matte because we saw it with her Bardot-esque look at the Power of Women Luncheon. But this time, she went for softer, undone hair:


I actually love this one the most, and the brown eyeshadow is the perfect way to emphasize her green eyes. (BTW: How nice is AnnaLynne's skin looking lately? If I recall, she was battling some pretty bad acne before, but happily it looks to be under control now. Cod liver oil perhaps?)

Then we have BeautyEditor.ca fave Jessica Alba, who, like the models at Lanvin, chose to play up only her lashes:


My only gripe with this is that her under-eye concealer is not the right shade (probably it looks fine in real life but shows up more white in the photographs—bad makeup artist!). Other than that, typical Alba sun-kissed prettiness.

The next pic is of some actress I've actually never heard of—Katie Cassidy—but who has represented this look so well that I had to include:


I die over this hair. Unlike the Miley Cyrus version, it's a bit messy, lived-in—and a whole lot sexier. And see how, with all the sequins, a lot of makeup would've been too much?


Do you agree that Kim Kardashian needs to step away from the pancake makeup... and false eyelashes... and candy-pink lipgloss?
What do you think of this bare-faced evening look?
Do you think you'll try it—or is playing up your lips/eyes more your thing?