Watch Gucci Westman Recreate the Makeup Look From Oscar de la Renta Spring 2011

How to do gorgeous, non-freaky blue-green eyeshadow.
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How to do gorgeous, non-freaky blue-green eyeshadow.

Last week we looked at every beauty editor's girl crush, Natalie Portman, and her perfectly-executed fuchsia lips and side bun—which would make an excellent choice for any parties you're planning to attend in the coming weeks.

But let's try something a bit different today—a bit more daring. Remember the eyeshadow at the Oscar de la Renta S/S '11 show? At the time, I declared it a sign that pastels were over and eyeshadow had to "go big or go home." And you know what? I think NOW would be a perfect time to think about trying this... wouldn't it be a wonderfully unexpected twist for evening with a black or grey or silver outfit? We don't always have to be about the lipstick, you know (hee).

Even more exciting: the makeup artist that every beauty editor is ALSO girl crushing on, Gucci Westman, was in town to demonstrate how to do this... seeing as she originally created the look at the show in New York. Yep, Gucci is makeup royalty.

Here's the vid (it's a quickie, I promise):

And just to re-cap what I said when I originally posted about this look:

The colours Gucci (who is Revlon's global artistic director) used were Revlon Matte Eyeshadow in Venetian Blue


…blended together with the bright green shade from Revlon ColorStay 12 Hour Eyeshadow Quad in Silver Fox:


Make sure to concentrate the colour from the lash line to the crease and then softly diffuse it out, all the way around the eye, including below the lower lashes.

Then, ground it by lining the waterlines all the way around with black liner, some black liquid liner on the upper lash line, and tons and tons of mascara. Almay's One Coat Dial-Up mascara is awesome because it has three settings (1 = a light daytime application and 3 = maximum drama and volume). Revlon is coming out with a version of this next year:


Then just do a nude on the lips and you're done! This was the end result:


Although I grant that Gucci is a true artist and makes everything look a lot easier than it probably is. (Honestly, she is just the coolest and we were all hanging off her every word. I've got TONS of video footage so will try and post more soon.)


Do you think this is a look you might personally try?
Don't you wish Gucci was your personal makeup artist?
Do want to see her boots? Her hubby runs the fashion label Rag & Bone so of course her outfit was head-to-toe awesomeness. Told you I had a girl crush.