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Shimmer Belongs on Your Eyelids, Not Your Cheeks

Reese Witherspoon and Kirsten Dunst kindly remind us.
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You know what's weird? Practically every single powder blush around these days has shimmer in it.

I don't know who to blame here. Surely it wasn't like that in the 1990s? I'm thinking probably it was an early 2000s thing—a decade I am now looking back at with not-so-fond memories of other style transgressions like head-to-toe pink, Juicy Couture tracksuits and my favourite, visible thong underwear.

Anyway, I, for one, am over it. Yes, even my NARS blush in Orgasm (the cultiest of cult beauty products), which by now almost every woman in North America likely owns. (You know I otherwise love you longtime, NARS—right?)

But sorry—this shimmer on the cheeks thing is Dunzo.

I am going to show you an example of what I mean in a sec, but let's talk about happy things first! Because actually, shimmer is more relevant than ever for the eyelids, which Reese Witherspoon is demonstrating so very well today.

Let's take a closer look:


Is that not the best eye makeup job you've seen in a very long time? (Okay, maybe not that long—Gucci Westman's blue-green Oscar de la Renta eyeshadow in the vid I posted last week was pretty damn impressive, remember?)

Anyway, you can really see the shimmer up close—and unlike the infantile pastel shimmers of the last decade, this is Grown-Up Shimmer. Rich grey-greens and purples and coppers.

I'm thinking the makeup artist used a palette here, as that's the best way, when you are using multiple colours, to make sure they are all complimentary. Here's one from Chanel that looks kind of similar:


What is also important—and makes this VERY wearable and VERY sexy—is that all the colours and shimmer are grounded by the black liner and black mascara. Gucci mentioned this last week, in fact.

And that's a perfect segue into Kirsten Dunst's eyeshadow job:


As you can see, there is black mascara happening but not a lot of liner (if any?), so the whole look is a bit more ethereal than Reese's. Still very pretty, in my opinion, but you could def sex it up with liner—just sayin'.

As for the shadow, I think the silvery grey is so unexpected and pretty, especially with Kirsten's fair skin and blonde hair. What I would use to get this look is YSL's Ombre Solo shadow in #10, a greyish lavender:


and Thierry Mugler's Ombre Stellaire in Mercury for the shimmer:

Just be careful with the application: while I actually love that Kirsten broke "the rules" and applied it all the way up to the brows, that might not work on all eye shapes (i.e. if you have too much "lid" it could look weird).

And now that you're with me on all of this eye shimmer business (I hope?), please also notice that both Reese and Kirsten and wearing MATTE blush. Dewy, yes (Kirsten especially could definitely use some blotting sheets), but there is no visible sparkle or anything like that. Which is what you want. (You do! Trust me.)

Now I am going to show you an example of why shimmer does not look so amazing on the cheeks. Here is Kristen Bell:


AMIRITE? That just aged her, like 20 years. (Girl is only 30, yo.)

Let's discuss:

Are you with me on this non-shimmery cheeks movement?
Or have I committed blasphemy against your beloved NARS Orgasm and other sparkly blushes?
Do you agree that the 2000s are starting to look like one big embarrassing decade? Yikes.